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Alex stone reports flight thirteen ninety two was landing in Austin from Dallas WSU's time six eleven six so far the weather's gonna make some news this weekend yet if you wanna go find some snow you don't have to leave the United States of America this week it's just head north meanwhile WSU all district military is once again how chilly a mother's day or you're likely to have this weekend well Sunday is looking pretty nice in the afternoon a high seventy two it's Saturday that's going to be chilly and Sunday morning as well in fact the lowest made temperatures in sixteen years Sunday morning with lows of thirty six to forty two and for today for on the mileage meter a stray morning shower then showers eighty percent likely afternoon ending early evening high around sixty six lows tonight thirty eight to forty three tomorrow sunny unseasonably cool high around sixty three and on Sunday mostly sunny high seventy two lows forty four to forty eight recapping the forecast for today a stray morning shower then showers eighty percent likely afternoon ending early evening high around sixty six wake up temperatures Alpharetta forty eight Kennesaw and Marietta fifty three Loganville reporting fifty fifty on Peachtree street I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five W. SP sex for grades six twelve let's check in the morning drive again here's what we K. after your door bolt that might have the laptop tablet that they break on the horizon that you topics like L. I. twenty felt looking at the city skyline I thank bill between Douglas coupled to county along I. twenty eastbound side Ashley brown got forties in Kelly to county report all clear for that ride up eighty five north and no delays out of Henry and Clayton counties headed seventy five north into downtown traffic brought to by unbound dot org the girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community reach out and changed their world it will change your own Unbounce dot org triple team traffic on ninety five point five WSP running numbers were things were doing for here in Atlanta is going news keeping track of the numbers the very latest metrics you're measuring the pandemic here and that includes testing numbers the governor says he wants to see go much higher here in the very.

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