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And so I'd like printed off on my home computer printed off the sheet of paper, and I gave it to an assistant coach. He didn't know it was in it and gave to Sistan coach as I just hold on this. I'm gonna need it after the game. Right? So we won by twenty five. I had thirty four points and like we're going to like shake hands in in the post game line. Yeah. I walk system coach and get ready to ask him for the sheet of paper, and I had this moment where all Mike, this is not the person I want to be like, this is not the person I want to be. I don't want to like we're. Michael Jordan hall of fame, speech type IV? Yes, because you know what? It's never ending. You do it once you do it twice and it just becomes a cycle of negativity responding to never negatively like I would rather mice sort of motivation and enjoyment sense of accomplishment come from something that sort of is internal. So what's that burn? What is that thing? I think it's man. That's tough. I think part of it is just taking pride like my dad, you know, did not have an illustrious career in in sort of the the, you know, successful sense, the word. Was he an athlete as well? No, other heat was account ler gotta. Got got, but he went to work every day. Yeah, you know, that's what he did. He went to work every day. Yeah. So I took that from him. I saw him. He had five kids, like at one point how we had five kids was unemployed for eighteen months when I was nine years old and he. I would just do odd jobs to to basically pay groceries. We. We had a ninety at one car at the time was a nineteen Eighty-three Honda Civic all seven of us would pilot in there. Hopefully the statute of limitations ran out on that. And so I took that from him and then and then so like that's part of it for me. It's just like the work like I enjoy the work. Yeah, enjoy the work. I enjoy the process of getting better to like a like what you were talking about in slow grind. Right. I love that. Actually, to me is like probably what I love most about my jazz question. How many shots were you shooting in middle school? I mean, I've hundreds of shots day since I was like twelve, probably, yeah, hundred. Like before I can. I've actually four school. Yeah. Oh, you wanna let you know this on the record because there's a lot of people like when you're in like middle school, high school, whatever you look NBA players and you're just like, well, yeah, like they have the best trainers in the world, but will I've argued with friends where I'm like, you gotta understand this person was probably taking six to eight hundred jump shots a day when we were thirteen. When we were all chugging mountain dew code red in eating, frozen pizza. Getting up lay. He got up at six. This is pre Adidas contract pre Nike pre coach k. so you're thirteen years old, how many. Shots. Do you take him? Yes. So like that age, like junior high school high sat, seventh grade, I'm going. I'm going to school seven thirty hand or like to athlete clubs like the rack in the caq I used to sneak in the CAC because like you know, on have a have a membership there. Yeah, I would sneak into one of those sticking to the junior high school and like I didn't have a rebounder. That's the other thing. I didn't have a trainer and I I was thinking about this the other day because I almost didn't have a rebounder this past weekend in Florida. And I was like, I'm gonna have to start spitting the ball to myself and like you would literally and I would spend the ball to myself. Okay. And I'd sprint off a screen. Go get the ball, shoot..

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