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<music>. I'm ready to start this fire this year too. I'm ready Mike well and you make a great <hes> great frontman out there. I mean you know there. Are People like myself self who do things in the background but trust me. I'm not meant to be out there where you're at. I couldn't do listen man listen. I'm GonNa give you all the credit in the world because you are one of the guys I mean you. You get you get everything thrown at you. The kitchen sink the truck. Everything and you just keep on rolling you got if it wasn't for as each as he is the wikipedia pool there was nobody close so you guys. If you WANNA know something. You have to go there my running joke at this Mike. I always tell America say this. I said listen if you guys we don't have a product yet right I said so if my my couch and gave me ten million dollars right now and so you got five minutes to get me to top ten pros from the United States on the phone right now. Who Do I call who I call right? Those guys are GONNA lose out on that money because if I'm not calling the state courts or they're buddies buddy or if their girlfriends not management they're gonNA be in trouble. You know what I mean so that's Steph. That's kind of exaggerated but that's my point is that we need to get back to that. You know we need to get back to that and if they can start to understand I think the youth understand that in in order to make a product they just have to you don't have to <hes> you know like I said no Tuxedos and stuff like that but you gotta look presentable and you gotta be willing to talk you. GotTa be willing to engage your audience big shot out Sky Woodward every year Mike he comes and he talked to those kids billy thought with their Shane was there we have to give back. We have to give back and you got a chance to see and for anyone who's not familiar with junior nationals junior nash broken down into a male and female and it's a fourteen and under sixteen and under eighteen and under so in the eighteen and under <hes> boys as in girls <hes> divisions I mean that's that's really the the cream of the crop. That's going to be playing in providence right. That's exactly exactly why I I mean you guys like Ricky Evans and Upper Commerce Lucas for Casa verner and then our eventual winner about with Cain and Hopkins Cave but you can see where <hes> where are our farm system is coming from and you can see where we're we're lacking you know he needs funding and they need support big big shot up to peach our and Simonis ammonia and those guys will put their money where their mouth is and everybody WHO's out there donating their time so if people think that that people from the BS are making a lot of money. I'm here to remind you it is totally for your time is volunteered and I worked from nine to eleven with actually eight two of it you know every day to bring those to bring bring the stream because I feel they need a platform. America needs to step up and like I say just you know those big stay course they bet fifty thousand twenty five thousand on on a uh-huh match right so why don't you just give kid ten. G's put that put the to the BEF. Let them get some fancy shirts. Let them get scholarships so that so they feel like they have a future because the pool hall is not the future you. That's not gonNA do anything for you. I can see that yeah it. You know there's two different sides to the game. You know there's that action side. There's the professional side and the BEF is deeply into the professional side. Absolutely I mean listen. How do you feel how do you feel you want your at the pinnacle when you put those that that Jersey our those three letters on the back U._S._A.? You who are representing the country one higher levels can you aspire to it's like our Olympics Olympics. You'RE GONNA play for the world team. You gotta go and play the world's like and you're representing your country. You're representing everybody who loves pool. You're representing me representing you and I it's it's so amazing to me. I think it's no no higher honor I really do. I think should be held in the highest esteem. I don't mean to to put you on the spot here but from the experience that you've had over the last four years and then again last week <hes> and what names should we be looking for. I mean what names do you think are going to break out. Okay okay. I think cody Allen <hes> coach from <hes> Tampa Bay Florida <hes> up and coming young gun he he's he's on the way and and you have <hes> Trenton White from Florida but the guy think the most lookout Lozada Martinez the third him and his brother gave has made super super strides in their game and I think they are probably the <hes> the best all those guys I mentioned are the best hybrids you know. They have a little bit of the Apu Hall Swagger but they also have the discipline they have the discipline of what it takes to be a world champion. Okay I could and I wasn't familiar with any of those name. You know. Those kids like you know. Ricky Ricky was probably like multiple time champion Ricky Evans his brother Nick used to play hey to multiple times champion most times <hes> he represented the United States <hes> but toby and train and my man Joe Tate Joey Tate <hes> he's he is a if there was a boy scout badge for being everything Joey Tate would get the fire <hes> the determination has he has everything anything that you need to become a champion. I think they have all the weapons. They just need. The Polish Mike you know it's like you have a nice car and it runs good but needs a tune up. That's what these kids need. They gotta be put under under fire also and for me you know I put them in front of the camera because I want them to to to be savvy to be season so that's if somebody did give them a sponsorship. They would know oh how to talk not now when they're fourteen sixteen eighteen but when they become young adults so they can handle themselves into feel you know what I mean <hes> I would think perfect perfect example in the April Larson L. listen so April license is you know and when we started we we <hes> we sponsored two players players. One was Chris Robinson and the other with April and we built her website and we did our facebook and we gave our presence but she did that herself because she's so I think she's like what Janette Lee was to pull back. Those days. I think April Washington is I think she is the new she has <hes> you know Oh. She's not bulletproof she human she sews her emotion side. She loved the fans. She's a great student. She out there with Mark Wilson that would you know the unheralded good man who doesn't get enough respect and in my opinion but doing great things for pool and she understands but trust she will tell you. I talked to her on the phone. I talked to her. I said listen you. You know when you're when you're out there all the time and you're representing the United States is a twenty four hour job. You don't just get it when you're in front of the camera. You know you get it when you when you lose gosh you lose a match. You lose five. Nothing in a kid comes up and wants an autograph. You gotta turn it on you. GotTa Smile shake that kids and take that picture. You know you have to do that and a lot of our top pros just don't understand that they mike so it you know and I don't blame them because they really didn't have the training training that the the youth has with with these social media and outreach and stuff. Those guys are just they're. They're many earl strickland there many johnny arts but Johnny got a great press. Earl role is just a apex Predator. I'm looking to eat your in my way. I'M GONNA take you down right so the Americans who coming up you know it's it's not it's not a big plate to eat from you got a hundred champions and they go to a tournament ten thousand dollars first place five dollars so you gotTa beat Your Buddy. You gotTa beat them. You came on the road when you gotTa beat them by any means necessary so they haven't learned that <hes> that's good great sportsmanship the one thing I would say U._S._A.. That's changing yeah and I've seen it because I pro- you probably watch more pulled on me but I watch a ton. Is that the camaraderie the true camaraderie and brotherhood that exist in other other countries the Philippines Taiwan <hes> polling England those guys they might not like each other Mike but they get together on that felt and near a team and I think the United States God bless is getting there. I'm so happy I'm so happy that we're we're. We're <hes> being able to <hes> defend ourselves you know and it's under superior firepower you know is is under superior fire. Probably your Europe is so huge they can they. Have they have the better. You know. Uh feel to pick from you know we just have the United States but I'm proud of our boys and I think we're GONNA be proud of them again. In November I really do do you think I think that that has happened. More as the other countries ability has gone up where it's kind of a you you know when we were at the top of the food chain would have to stick together as a team but now you know you're all being attacked by all these foreign powers right so mike so when I look at it like a coach right so I have United States had the best players in the world from earl two johnny to nick win those farm foreign players came they. I came to United States. Do you WANNA learn how to break. You WanNA learn how to play nine ball. They all had to come over here but guess what they did. They came over here. They assimilated and they took that knowledge back but with their work ethic that they had because the United States is like non drill happy we can't be doing drills just throw balls on the table and you will get better trust rush me you know they took that disciplined approach and they came here and they did what we did and they did it better. That's what they did and you can still look at it. All the top up players from out the country they come the United States to get the knowledge they do because we have what they don't have. The United States under fire is a monster monster that you can't teach you teach fundamentals you can teach everything but you can't teach heart and that's what the United States they apart but now they're getting that little Polish but we're playing catch my playing catch-up. It's definitely a different position than the players. The American players have been in the past absolutely absolutely you know when was the United States to underdog. We should go to Mosconi Cup and you know you're counting trophy before you even less you know it wasn't even close wasn't even close. We just molly opt now. Those guys got tired of it and do you know they you know they the bear down and they're ready. You know they're ready. There's the United States what we're coming. You know remember England. You know I've I've talked to Marcus. Marcus said I could bring three teams over here. You know let's let's look at it. They had teams when we left out Mika. They left out forced. They left <hes>. There's so many champions they left. I said you know what truly they could but you know we still got Johnny and rock and some those people who could probably make a good little comeback. You know what I mean but it would be tough. Mike No. I'm with you on that yeah well Roth. I'm exhausted just talking to you for twenty minutes. It's all right well. I'm just going to tell you this do this quick plug <hes> myself accu stats we will be doing the international open coming up part two and we're going to have a junior division. They're gonNA play live on on the table and after that I'll be at the Mosconi Cup so America get ready pool is here to stay and you know if you guys out there support eighty support me support all the streamers out there because if we don't stick together we're GonNa fall apart absolutely the and they can support you by going to yeah they can go to honor y creative media at facebook or they could go on instagram at the Raw Hannah or facebook had Arana N._F._l.. And just you know like subscribe follow follow the fees because in the marketplace if you want to sell a product and they say well. Can you bring eyeballs to it. I say yes I can't you know I think I'm the only one of the only streams without a super championship brand. I get over three thousand. You know I have a heavy schedule. I get over three thousand Jewish and and it's not for five minutes. They come and watch you know and I think that's another thing that a lot extremists can learn is that you gotta get away from that model. You have to give some kind of <hes> excitement entertained. You have to be able to entertain teach at the same time I'm with you. I will see you at the international and I'll probably see that Mosconi Cup to all right man. Thank it's opportunity man and you keep on pressing all right. Thanks row. We'll talk to you soon all right. Thank you okay. That was raw. I appreciate the time that both Phil and raw took this week for the show and I appreciate the time you took to listen again. You know I don't do a show every week. I'd love to be able to do one every week I

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