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Hill. Keeping the ride slow there in a construction zone. 3 16 westbound getting to high hope triple Team traffic. 95.5 WSB. This is w B ranches. Kirk Muller today mostly sunny to partly sunny, high around 92 low about 71. It's 74 degrees in midtown Atlanta at 904. I'm Marcy Williams 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk Live from the heart of Atlanta, Georgia and beyond Our one of the Bonn Hessler doctrine begins right now how I am your loveable huggable mid morning chat host Eric von Hessler. The other voices you hear are the doctrine airs. Man of 1000 voices. Tim Andrews, Lady of quite a few voices in her own right autumn, Fisher. The handsome his producer at all of produce. Ary has today and Monday off personal days. Uh huh. However, our producer today is the world's oldest teenager English. Nick is here to help the morning and also want to welcome in Jesse Brooks. Not the cheering. I'm not going to ask you a bunch of questions put you on the spot or anything. But Jesse Brooks is helping us out with our online presence today. And while I'm at it, what the hell? Shamy bees back there. He's doing his thing. Ah, you did I leave anyone out. Fred Blankenship just walked by. Everything in the universe is in place and in order, and we're going to have ourselves a good time. On a Friday morning show. First of all,.

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