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ABC news the new information to be investigated in the jail cell suicide yesterday of billionaire financier Jeffrey up steam in New York you cues sex trafficker ABC's Erin to Turkey Jeffrey Epstein was no longer on suicide watch but he was in the special housing unit at MCC Manhattan that's a high security area and normally inmates are supposed to be checked every thirty minutes ABC news has learned esteemed was not checked every thirty minutes that protocol for some reason was not followed that's now part of the investigation led by the FBI and by the department of justice inspector general captured in past hours Tennessee prison inmate Curtis Watson suspected of killing a prison official interest gaping Wednesday nab in the town of handing police crediting tips from concerned citizens A. B. C.'s Trevor all wanted they believe sexually assaulted and strangled corrections administrator Deborah Johnson in her home on the penitentiary grounds were Watson was an inmate he then reportedly fled on a tractor with as much as a two hour head start before anybody noticed he was gone charging documents say Watson has a history of sexual violence still a low security prisoner release for lawn mowing duties that morning on the Mississippi immigration police raids and food processing plants in arrests of undocumented immigrant workers acting homeland security secretary Kevin mac lean and was asked on NBC's meet the press about possible charges against employers were in the middle of an ongoing investigation your warm from federal judge of probable cause then go gather evidence at the sites and then you look at the appropriate charges in concert with the department justice and US attorney hours afterward house speaker Nancy Pelosi in Texas at a news conference there has been no question.

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