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Nice and fresh pita as your role in there to go. See chef Mark and machine is family. Always, you know, the first time you're in there, you're stranger then after that. It's like, they remember you. It's crazy. How much you make feel like you have a great time to sixteen different Lebanese winds and more plenty of craft beers on tap and full menu here. No matter what it is you like or don't like going to have it on that menu. It's massive and you're gonna walk out of. Fat and happy as they say, but it's great healthy food to at a good price. Best in Cincinnati since two thousand and he's Mediterranean grill corner of Nassau and Gilbert right there in the shadows of Eden Park online for more Andy's kebab dot com. So Willie's on the way to twelve o six just over half our way, he's gonna have Jeff birding on talking about FC Cincinnati. We're gonna talk about movies this weekend, including new Jamie Lee Curtis flake Halloween where she makes a return to that as well. We'll also talk about what's happening with Netflix all sorts of good stuff to watch this weekend. Small and large screens like we'll do that. With Jason Nathanson from Hollywood straight ahead after news on seven hundred w all I Matt Reese seven hundred wwl w dot com Clemson university homecoming weekend disaster near the university. Dozens of people injured earlier today when a floor collapsed during a party at an apartment building off campus. Dozens recovering after that shocking moment. Clubhouse floor. Collapsing. Sending people plummeting into the basement. Partygoers dancing the off campus apartment complex near Clemson university. When the crowd suddenly swallowed ABC's area receive.

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