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Caller stay back there said something I said something earlier today to he is revoking his consent to be governed this is a socialist America twenty twenty that service but I get it right now twenty six we are straight up a social American social and that that is indisputable I double dog dare anybody to convince me we are and I'm I'm all ears but where I'm going with that is all right now we've got people in government elected positions now what I want you to listen to this very carefully and let this sink in to make sure you you pass this on to others we've got people in elected positions making decisions that control literally control the lives of you and your children or families making decisions on how you should live what you should do where you should go and they're killing in many cases the way that you make a living to do so and you pay their salaries out of the taxes that you make a living with get it that's again in other words elected officials who are paid their salaries and their fancy offices and other perks and benefits by our tax dollars are telling us we can't go to work and earn money that they tax this is insane it's insane that they have such a stranglehold on the tax dollars that straight up extortion financial rape but right now what we're seeing happen is it is it is terrifying we're seeing the American economy shredded we had a doubt that was at thirty thousand just kiss on the bottom end of thirty thousand right down to it just just gonna we're gonna be thirty thousand mile and what we now twelve I was eleven yesterday this insect people the four oh one K. walk up from two weeks ago the server example of a hundred thousand dollars and they look at it now they got to two dollars and thirty eight cents per I was not funny it's absolutely crazy let's take I got a call from Todd real quick here are the only I'm sorry hang on a second less Tom Tom welcome down the edge Hey thanks for taking my call one offer a glimmer of hope because when I look the trump last night and I listen to at one o'clock today but news he is it's kinda I think he's staring us in a different direction now he's he's doing a lot of direction of opening stores back up yeah and he can he said many times the cure is becoming worse than that yes a man and that that's what governor or lieutenant governor Patrick was saying Greg Abbott's on the same page that this is exactly what's going on we're we're killing ourselves in order to cure ourselves and it at that one he was talking with I don't know who was on pak news but and then then the journalists kept battering Amman this idea that you know how this thing works this isn't going to go for months we're gonna go for weeks or even days we are not this is not gonna gonna stay this way for months it will kill us is currently whose battery one of the talking head little car got a soap journalists is that it will yeah I was listening on the radio so I don't really know if it was a press conference or anything like it he is surrounded by twenty somethings that don't know their **** from a hole in the ground asking the most inane and almost I want to say evil questions in many ways trying to trying to subdivide him off of doctor Berkshire Dr Fauci making look like their odds and hate each other like that I mean that's the name of the game here isn't it yeah it is I mean this is the post impeachment crisis this is an update available impeachment they got to do something and up the ante here in mind everyone of those journalists has a very good salary and has benefits and they're going all the right parties and they think they're hanging out with the cool kids and they're destroying our country yeah they don't know what it is to lose to really be in a bad spot I don't mean they they've not experienced that thanks for the call good call yeah that day Dave they haven't experienced much of anything much of anything let's see what the Patrick Colbeck has to say welcome senator Patrick Colbeck it's great to hear that there are what's up Hey I don't wanna chime and I had a chance to of course looking to the government yesterday and your previous caller Tom just mail but I mean there's a lot of people out here right now they're trying to push them in gloom and I think that the political motives to doing so there is a promoting hope and I think you're the pivot that you see where president trump is highlighting a matter that the cure of actually getting a point were worse than they are than the disease yeah I'm so I'm what I was had not by a long storm heading up operations out of the freedoms that we kept the records to keep our doors open as long as possible because we did not want to eat breakfast area that's happening and when you talk about it in a bowl for nation while I mean you just walked into the store it's very much evidence of exactly what you're talking about so you can go ahead and send hangs with we know that you know that I know that Douglas call Tom knows that does Steve knows that we know that because we come from a perspective of what America is what it's supposed to be and a lot of people they don't know that and so I do not I'm praying this is not the new norm because it could become the new norm really call and it's up to us to make sure that that doesn't happen being go and so the idea of getting our doors open as soon as possible you know the global sense that everything and hang on it I want to say a you know that the globalists would love this to be the new north absolutely and Tom they'll bit saying that this is a story of their plan and it's about ultimate continual crisis and we can't let him win now I I tend to not better while Baxandall twenty twenty B. America's finest hour I didn't quite realize you're going to get into this neck of the woods here but it still applies this is our opportunity to shine and demonstrate what it means to be an American and we need a governor that search talk about messages I hope and yes even when it's staring her in the face she didn't acknowledge that there are cures out there that have been very promising that I had the opportunity to completely dry it's quite sad that this man I body programs and some other things but instead she just doesn't even talk about that you want to empathize with right here in the area you know when when I don't wanna blow past it the hydroxy I think its core Quinn I'm probably butchering the name along with what's called a cornerback yeah along with what's called a Z. pack at that that is showing that to be a just an amazing drug and it's it's working well if this is not getting the coverage it needs covered panacea nothing nothing works a hundred percent on everything but the although best demonstrated in studies that have been here a hundred percent yeah what I ended up doing that for it's going to be all the way through and by the way you look or how they yeah I hear something that proactive we can go off and do and light a fire under our legislators and under the governor to go off and be proactive about the next instance of a pandemic you've heard a certificate of need blood legislation and you heard about that all right yeah you know better yeah go ahead government for years have been constructed in the number of hospital beds and can have you up and and now we've got a governor sent all we can over tax the system well guess what you've been overtaxed in.

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