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If if you had to. Give your take on on the original on, and then we'll use that to kind of segue into the live action. Where does it occupy head space for you and heart space for that matter I was. When you the ninety eight came out. I was in college then. So this you know I was kind of out of the key demographic for this in terms of. Age Range, but so I kinda had to catch up with this over the years and and now and I've grown to really really enjoy it. You know and now that now that I have a daughter actually like she she started to see. been exposed to Disney, princesses and one another she still hasn't seen off feature film, but she's seen. Clips and things like that of of various Disney propaganda. She has watched She really enjoys the What's it called? The what's the song called? It starts let's get down to business. I'll come back. Any. Yeah. Let's get down, to. Business Out of context, it's totally. Wrong like I I cringe when I hear her go. But? Within the movie it's like kind of hilarious and super entertaining. You know And and it's also like a combat training sequence, which is like in martial art genres in the grand tradition of. Chinese. Cinema like. Yeah, that's one of my favorite things, right so But later, but they didn't have it in the live action. Is GonNa be over there. In. That is one of my favorite parts in the in the animated version, and so I think it's a great sequence but yeah, like so I I think that over the years I've I've grown to really look at the ninety eight Mulan very fondly and and I do really appreciate. It's place in sort of Asian American pop culture particularly from the nineties because that was in an era where like it was very seldom we got to see that level on the mainstream right in which is why the so much about this this one that. When you approach this the live action we will on now like the animated. Moulana really like has a heavy hold on a lot of people. I think, and so if you'RE GONNA go into this movie expecting to see that it's going to be hard and I think that out of all the Disney live action remakes, this is the one has the biggest departure from it. I just. I just WanNa say something more about the man song that your daughter likes to sing. I think taken out of context kind of cringe song. But when you look at it within the film in the ninety eight version, it's actually kind of brilliant because you know Mulan is their this woman in in disguise. She's like it's sort of like makes fun of the the sort of gender expectations for men because she's this woman who's doing better than all the other guys and the best part is at the end of the song. If you recall, she uses her wits rather than in her strength to complete the impossible mission of climbing the poll and I think that's what sets the animated version apart from the live action because it does actually examine gender in a really interesting way and allow the animated will on to subvert expectations. That by making her a Chinese Djeddai but by showing you know she has wits end she sees right through the stupid patriarchy she can still busted and that's what I really loved about that movie. Let's let's hold onto the Chinese yet I think to. Definitely we WANNA talk about as well. Now. It's a good kind of segue for a little bit about the live action one and before we actually get to a value judgement on, let's talk about what it was meant to be or would it seems to be the world's coming into how it's changed over time and you know just the context in which it lands. And many. Rebecca You've been following the project for a while so. What has Went was first announced and. Comparing that to where we are today, what were the original intentions apparently for the film? And the original reactions to it, and what are some of the beats that we've seen happening since then have. Kind of changed the vibe in maybe harsh a little bit of the mellow the film. Sure I mean. So obviously you know. The world geopolitically has changed lion I'm talking about like pre twenty twenty right because then the world changed a lot more, you know in twenty, twenty but you know Disney has been basically double dipping into its impressively deep animated archive for Awhile, and so it was just a matter of time before rouland got live action treatment the same way that Cinderella beauty and the beast jungle book wine King Aladdin Right, all dead. So it's not terribly surprising that Disney would choose a Milan. You know ah to be next up especially given the fact that the China market just seemed the sky's limit. So the first time that you know for this current interational of Milan. It was first announced in Twenty fifteen that Milan was gonNA. Give the live treatment and in Twenty fifteen you know China felt like a gold rush for Hollywood. This was where everybody Like I. Remember every year at the US China Summit new film summits that that happened in L. A. Every year it was just like so much money to be made there. We're GONNA. Make a CO production like every studio had partnered with the Chinese studio where co-production you know what's his name One Jan lean from Wanda knows making big waves in the US. Like he's been disappeared, I think by the government or something weird like that. But that's that's how working in China is I think but anyways, twenty fifteen. So this was perfect they. Muan you know beloved animated classic. Here's our chance to. In on the China Market you know which is has now become this giant dragon. You know when it was not something at all in one, thousand, nine, hundred. and. So with the announcement that Disney was developing a live action Milan came the announcement on the screenwriters and it was a two white women who were newcomers to the industry writing it, and that was sort of the first big controversy around this film somebody and to this day I still have no idea. Who and how this happened, but there were rumors of the leech screenplay in which there was a white male love interest for Milan, and that was immediately decried On twitter because again, this was we were right in the thick of just like Whitewashing Scarlett. Johansson's GonNa play the major and ghost in the shell you know Is going, to star in Right, you know these were all films that were in development, but it just felt like.

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