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Guaranteed be heading. Yeah. Wow. How many shows can say that, right and wrong multiple behind him, multiple guaranteed be heading. Oh my God, every match where basically whoever loses the match, they will be behead. Yes. Where which during the fact, that's what we're calling it. Yes. Right bring Braun strowman back. I want him to be my personal bodyguard wage slave so is the greatest low Rumble title now retired you know, take it with them. It's vacant. Does he drop it in the trash can on Dynamite someone else has got to win it? Yeah dog else is going to win season goes. That's where it should be. Yeah. All right. Well that's all for rumors. I think we gave enough rumors there. Yeah I think so. What happened if the Saudis? Yeah, that's pretty accurate. I would say. Yeah. I mean there's a rumor but that was trivia time who? Yeah. All right. I was told. It's not me so. Oh, that was a joke. Oh. All right, let me go through pro wrestling statistics. All right. I have trivia. Thursday is not from that Instagram. I, I actually came up with this on my own, oh, cuz I was watching the old Noggin I was watching Kevin Owens from Apollo versus Apollo Crews for the internet off. Championship. And I thought to myself, when was the last time Kevin Owens had a championship belts, It was the US title, okay? When he was drafted to SmackDown, any like, shaved and he wouldn't walk over his face on the rim. Yes. Is that true? What year, what year did he last have a championship belt in WWE 2017? That is correct 2017. Yes, that's what I meant say. I figured it was a relatively easy but I just wanted to point out that it has been for years for years. Since Kevin Owens has been a champion in WWE now. There are one, two, three, four or five 12:19 championships. Yeah. On all the shows. Yeah. And if you took one of them who holds the title, the best out of everyone on the show, it's Kevin Owens. He's such a great Champion. Yeah, he really is so cocky, so good at it. He's mic skills are great, right? Like, he was such a heel he was a face, right? 2015, one from 2015 to 2017, he was only a champion. Yeah, he he was a fucking Champion since he got there, right? Like he and then four years now four years. Wow, not in July. So specifically July of 2017, he lost the US Championship. So in July, it will be four fucking years. It's four years right now, but like a month from now, it's for fucking years. Wow, wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! That is well, insane. That's a huge inconvenience wage. Very much. So we have to read that, that's true. But apparently Lio Rush after his big debut and announces retirement, cuz he got injured Joseph, Missouri, dude, that no one's going to want to be number 21 anymore. I mean, you could be trolling. He's announced his retirement, a few times since his W just got there. Why would he took? So he's also not signed by aw signed by New Japan? Yeah, well that was a new Japan thing, right? All right fan. Question fan questions. Let's do it. The dashing damage possible that WWE are over exposing Drew McIntyre, with awful, promos and repetitive matches so that we hate him and then we will be kind of grateful when Goldberg or Brock Lesnar challenges Lashley at SummerSlam know, because they still the announce team. Still sucks his cock and they put the Thunderdome. Cheers them. And that's all bullshit. And he's been normally the biggest star in many many years that they've had. Yeah, during covid-19, now, they've had became such a great star, they've ruined him. They just don't know how to book. Yeah, anyone on this show, they don't or give them especially babyfaces David's to Gand. Do you think it's lack of new music for wrestlers as part of their budget cut bullshit? They once had awesome music but now everyone uses generic Rock six. Yeah, I mean, yeah, that's a big thing too. That's probably. Why would someone buys us fucking company soon so that they could rehire CFO money or whatever? I don't got some good music again, right? That's like the other thing is, they also said that CFO money broke up, but it's also like you know, how much money will it take for you guys to squash whatever beef you have and get back together. Seriously give us the the Paul McCartney of the group and yeah, that's right. Yeah. If if we just get one of them I'm sure it'll be fine. Were changes made some amazing theme songs. Yeah. Adam Wilson since Vince knows the ratings numbers, they pulled in during the editing job. And what they're drawing now, do you think Vince just flat-out doesn't care anymore, it continues to ruin everything out of spite then since knows what the numbers are. It's whatever he wants them to be, that's right. Even if he's selling the company knows, he's going to put together something good. No one's going to buy a 1 rating, right? Well, you wouldn't think? Yeah. Except for maybe Embassy or they probably sees them or like, we can fix this bullshit, right? Choice. All the ratings might be down, but the company still makes a lot of money, which is insane, because they've cut more from the budget than they've ever had. Well yeah, but they still sell tons of merch. But what's also? Because the TV month and so far up, that's why they're so profitable. Same the team paid that much for like getting Zapped ratings, go down there getting Billet, they're getting four hundred million dollars, no more than that off cuz NXT as well as like getting like forty million a year. But so it's like over four hundred million dollars of Television money, right? Every year, that's what they get. Justin Stewart. How much time needs to pass in between matches before you don't have to use the again button? So there's there's no official rule. But it's just like, if it feels like you've been seeing this, a lot lately, then we push it, you know? Rice. That's a lot of matches. Yeah. I mean everything is recycled at this point, right, Fox didn't push Barbary classic long lines were live pal. What an idiot. And is that a woman? Push them all. Yeah, how do you fire any of ya know? You can't push where live Powell. Barry. Is that a woman? I guess. I don't know. Damien kite pushed Fireberry. End of Raw puppet-masters child's play, Push George Bush. Child's Play Fire raw obviously with Alexis fire just set the whole Thunderdome. Yeah, on fire, that should be the last episode blow, everything on fire Alan, Kimmitt Bushfire Aleister, blacks best work, main roster, NXT or what's wrong with wrestling soundboard, gotta push that. Push that Barry, NXT, fire Raw SmackDown, whatever off of or begun Push by Barry a new NWO storyline with John Cena's leader, alongside Seth Rollins and defective effect defecting. John, Moxley a ring fit with CM Punk vs AJ Styles versus Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania a ring fit. I don't know, I guess I'm match between Punk Styles and Bryan WrestleMania, red or something pretty great. Chris Jericho unexpectedly returns to WWE at the Royal Rumble ahead of one last WrestleMania. Wow, that's a lot going on and code fire. The NWO thing like yeah, start a new one. We don't want to see the same right. I would want to see a new DX that would be stupid. Yeah. Correct started. Maybe that triple threat is what I'm push. Start a new group. That's not retribution write anything. But that pop culture junkie push Fireberry getting your head smashed through the barber shop window, getting your face smashed to the page that Ron 5,000, smashing your head. Sliding headfirst into the electronic side of the ring at the greatest Royal Rumble. Oh.

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