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News at McDonald's. The US defense department has approved the first billion dollars worth of funding to US army engineers to build new sections of barrier along the Mexican border. The spending follows prison Trump's declaration of a national emergency to enable him to bypass congress and get his promised wall built the British MP's. Have backed an unprecedented move to greet you control of Brexit in a further blow to the Prime Minister, Theresa me, thirty members from her conservative party defied the government to support the cross-party amendment which will give parliament the chance to vote on alternatives to Mrs Maes Brexit deal. The Kurdish led administration that controls parts of northern Syria as conference international court to be set up to try members of the Islamic state group. An official told the BBC the administration couldn't cope with detaining hundreds of defeated ISIS writers, let alone putting them on trial. Israeli airstrikes have continued overnight in the Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian rocket fire. The Israeli army says it struck dozens of HAMAs targets at least thirty rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel on Monday. President Xi Jinping of China is due to hold talks in Paris with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel mR Macron has argued that the EU needs to present a more United front in the face of growing challenges posed by djing. The French passenger to Germany has expressed concern the German policies on arms exports are jeopardising European defense cooperation, she said, it was unacceptable that Germany could veto the export of joint produce goods and the Mexican president has written to the king of Spain. And the poop to demand an apology for human rights abuses, during the conquest of the region five hundred years ago speed has rejected the idea BBC news. Welcome back to the art until in London on the BBC World Service. I'm they keep eighty and we're here exploring the impact Brexit may have on London's cultural scenes London is the birthplace of grime artists like widely storms e scepter. Dizzy, rascal have created this genre of music that particular to urban life in the capital fast beats wrapping it's about community and grime has given a previously mute generation of London is avoid performance, poet playwright and grime artists debris. Stevenson that. Was my definition of grind. What's your? Wow. Yeah. So we don't say wrapping, we say emceeing, which specific part of the over Lucien of Grima when you look at the volition of grimy. So it was a very specific story actually about the multiplicity and diversity of the colts here because really you can follow the migrate apart from the Caribbean. Sound system culture with EMC was the host the master ceremonies. You had German-based jungle. You also had Gingrich. So Gary preceded grime which you know, is sort of Albany flowers in the pouring rain sweet chocolate kind of the beauty. And the joy often. Think is the kind of Emo king kinda side of revolutionary music. And then it's like grandma's now. Comex it was like things are nice if you should be happy. But also about everything I like, the embracing of rage. That's what really taught me I think often in the arts, we're very lovey dovey. But you know, I was sixteen. I was seventeen. My parents were Mormon found that when I was twenty one I was the cavers case dyslexia assessor had ever seen being very badly bullied at school. And I was angry. And there was something Ingram. That just made complete sense to me really told me to read until me a right and inspired a whole generation to dedicate their life to words. So grime was born in London. But how international has the scene become is so international, and it gives me so much joy to be on a beach in South Africa. And he see an eighteen year old with a boombox that he showed up playing a lot that seeing from barking and a small university in Bayview, and someone was telling me that skepticism Hugh Roe and I've been in Trinidad and seen a sixteen year old. The knows all the words the storms these videos, and I get emotional thinking about because I just think. I think that I see it make exactly the same amount of said. Now, they made to me then oh and wasn't expecting. Yeah. And and it also can be so infuriating because obviously there is a narrative very reductive narrative about grime in this country that just talks about knife crime, and violence and all this stuff. And I just think okay. Yeah. I'm not gonna lie. That's what happened when I was growing up. But how can we not tell the stories, you know, like what you were saying because it is intrinsically connected to a lack of representations of the top you need to acknowledge the beauty of these stories. And when I made my show was so important for me. There will be no violence here. You're going to inform for us. What are you gonna perform today? So is a poem cooed the dogs of noon, and I voted for the British Council for their new building loads of arts organizations moving to Stratford. And when you talk about strap that you don't mean Stratford-upon-Avon, you mean Stratford in east London Olympics in two thousand twelve and I think for a lot of people maybe haven't been discharged for what was structured before two thousand twelve and for me. This was saying these are the beautiful things that have always been there. And if you are moving their, please honor those things. I'm very happy to say it made a property developer cry. So I think it did. Of the debris. Stevenson. The in forest gate. If you think you can come against, I I then lyrics who fly like birds in the sky, one of your bread jeans? And I next time think twice before you try and come against me. It's me. DWI noon generals. Grime MC sets two doves free in east London. Can you imagine these two holy spirit's amidst puffy jacket pigeons one pound chicken and sacrificial chips at Mandela's feet, like an hour an air max. Shift and I'm and I'm Doug..

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