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Connie's all right I got a political, story free today but also kind of a personal one as we talk about it because is there a difference that you assess that you see in the world around you between men and women and the way they react to the same exact temperature on the thermostat The same precise temperature set at seventy? Degrees is a huge difference between the way, men and. Women respond around you to that eight. Eight eight six three. Zero nine six two five eight. Eight eight. Six three zero m AL, some of the experts Mary. Say it's sexist it's a sexist thing that thermostat. At seventy degrees a man feels perfectly comfortable but a woman has her snuggie. Out, she, is Shelly. She's holding a warm Cup of coffee just to stay. Warm she be even has a beanie on she's she's trying. Her best to stay warm she's but she's still. She's still. Shivering it's so called so called the, mayor as a man is like in shorts walk around and his flipflops wondering why it's so hot is there is there a dramatic difference in your world eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five the the reason this comes up today New York gubernatorial candidates Cynthia Nixon? The actress she's running against Andrew Cuomo Cuomo? Is expected to win this race but they have a. Primary debate tonight the first and only And apparently. Cynthia Nixon's team has a bunch of concerns and for good reason, I think Andrew Cuomo is apparently famous. For preferring his public appearances to practically be ice rinks he is he's in fact at one of his, state of the, state addresses this goes back to two thousand eleven the room. Was so cold that they, were handing out blankets to. The people who, were in. The room be assembled audience whereas being handed, blankets in order to keep Andrew Cuomo comfortable. As he stood on stage he wanted to, be cold one state. Senator Diane, Savino and typically that name suggests she's a woman but in two thousand eighteen, you don't know I don't want to. Guess for pronoun here That person said, my feet were, like two blocks of ice that was back at that state. Of the state of the, dressing doesn't eleven and now. Cynthia Nixon's team, begging begging. The debate the debate moderator and the Cuomo, team to please set the temperature it's seventy. Six degrees in the debate hall this evening And. The reason she says is because that working conditions are quote this is a real quote notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature so. We just wanna make sure, we're all on the, same page here this is how to liberals have a conversation about. The rules they talk about how sexist the rules are Amongst each other And, Mary so, I I wonder do you find when you step, into a room if you have disagreement with your husband about perhaps what an? Appropriate temperature is do we have a disagreement five days a week about the temperature, in? The, studio basically yeah. I think so because, we'll see Luke our engineer super skinny and wears a black t. shirt with a black short sleeved shirt over it every single day Shirtsleeves doesn't, matter it could be February it could be August China stylish that's that's important yes he's very stylish lady single too You will wear a long sleeved shirt, because you're always. Doing television so you always have your long-sleeve shirt on in your blue blazer with a tire around, your next but not tied. So you have. A blades are on. Your really come in with, the. Jacket on Annalong. Sleeve. Shirt right in July, in, August So I have to dress. Accordingly because if I wear a short sleeve shirt in August I'm. Gonna freeze my butt off when they get into the studio so you will often see in Heather, our producer where's. A winter coat all year long in the in her in her little production studio there because it, is so cold in there She she she? Literally, wears a winter coat all year. Long so here I allotted times myself sitting bundled up because I'll bring like a hoodie or, or something, like. That and I will have a bundled up. And I will sit and freeze. My hands around my coffee mug trying to glean warmth, from it so I get it but is it sexist no my. Body's more efficient than yours and so my body, uses less calories a clever way of saying that women have slow metabolisms more efficient Gerald they're not slower is women's women's technically slower Well if you have hypothyroidism. There on average women have slower metabolism's they start more fat, men have, more muscle they've higher metabolism. Yeah we, also are are men also, have thicker skin Harrier skin than women said they also don't feel the cold is much and women's blood vessels are located further away from the skin. Service so they don't keep our skin the same. Way because ours is all about keeping. Our, core, warm are well there's a low in New York. There's a reporter who asked a bunch of men and women about the temperature differences in preparation for this debate, listen here they are assessing it probably related to the basal metabolic rate the NYU school of medicine Dr Debbie non off ramp poll says, the average woman has, a slower metabolism than? The, average man what their bodies.

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