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If their team was just special teams in defense again we'll put this on the poll alabama's team was just defense and special teams would that team be in the top five boys offer introduce picks them because they don't have long known others no no all right i still think that we'd ranked in the top five would say yes there that good way to review punt the ball to alabama and this situation and they don't score you get the ball back yard he's out there no what i'm saying is alabama would just have a punter and field goal kickers that would be there off and just let the defense and special teams do the rest and they will pin you in your area and then you'll kick a couple of feel goals all your allowed for offense is field goal kickers and special teamers nick save in has more national titles than all other fps coaches combined okay but now i want to deconstruct this as everyone sits here today and talks about this stupid argument is sabin the best yes may be no this is what i want to talk about today is the number of advantages he now has the guy who we already believed to be bella check better and smarter than everyone else and i'm not thinking it's because he's that smart i'm thinking it's because football is run by a whole lot of dumb people that we assign smart traits just because they're the general of the dumb army he's the smartest of the dummy nick sabin his running the sport at least in part because he can be smarter than everyone else usually in these billiondollar industry's you can't be quite this much smarter than everybody else some of these advantages you're about to get to them because you're right he does have all the advantages he's earned it i mean larry aided deal that this is what i'm saying is that now is when you have the fear the monster because now now he's been doing this without quarterbacks he's been lap signing the game because he has so many advantages he get all of the recruits that he want when nick saving landed his helicopter i've told you the story before nick sabin won the championship and was on the plane flying out.

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