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And actions have been working wants career by unanimous agreement is is near bankruptcy. So they may have a choice like we have a choice. The United States has been unbelievably influential in helping China cut off the supply of goods and products to North Korea. So of other countries got them way down. Reaches a point where if you don't have any money. Can't really bluffing anymore. Now, I'd be very surprised if the situation with different millions of people are starving to millions of people starving to death over there. It's. It's a it's an amazing situation. I mean, I if I were protected I mean, I can't think of anything more fascinating. And taking a unsecured trip to North Korea not being barred from anywhere 'cause that's not gonna happen. But this'll be the first meeting of American president. We've had failures all the way up and down the line. Borsch Clinton Obama. Nobody has been able to break through even before that Reagan and Reagan tried it just didn't work because they keep lying. Well, what is North Korea asking in the negotiations with president of South Korea? What are they asking me Americans to do implicitly? They're asking them to don't disturb this regime. Let us run as we will guarantee. Our safety. We're not going to be a problem anymore. And we're gonna completely denuclearize completely denuclearize even they're saying that before and it goes nation, and they're not asking anything for America from America in return. You realize what this could mean? So the morons out there in the media. And again, I only trust me. The only reason I even watch these morons. Is because I like to see what other people are saying. And now criticizing Trump. Petuous concision. He never consulted as secretary of state. He never consulted congress. He never did entity. Just made this impetuously in your say who gives a blank how we dated nothing you morons in Washington for years. I've ever worked. Here's a guy who's jumping right in. And he set this all up with intimidation. People would say Trump is gonna blow up the world. It just I'm not saying this as an argument to the fact that Kim Jong Gogga's a flat out not. And who knows what? I'll do. Yeah. That's the calculated risk. Here's what it comes down to, you know, my favorite theme on this show and in life. It's always been choices you had Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. I mean, I like Trump anywhere would have voted against any democrat. They put up. But you had to pick one of them. When someone says if you decided to vote for Hillary Clinton yet. I thought I was going to be an aid to Elon Musk. I thought I was going to zoom into space. I was so angry. And I'm so proud of myself for being so controlled you're going to vote for Hillary Clinton yet. When.

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