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But it is extraordinarily and he's six months ago. The Federal Reserve was talking about raising interest rates. Now, let me just give you a sense of the UK, US, economy, three point six percent unemployment. That is the lowest unemployment rate since nineteen sixty nine one hundred four straight months of job growth wages up three percent. The S and P five hundred is up sixteen percent year today and we're only in June one percent of all time high. None of those things, tell you that the economy needs more stimulus and yet, we have a Frederick, that is about to cut rates. It is truly extraordinary, but of course, if you look at Donald Trump's background, what is he he's a property tycoon the success of being a property owner really depends on massive amounts of cheap debt, which is what Trump wants to see. He wants to see very cheap debt in the US, of course that does. Well, the forget that Donald Trump has combined. A number of times. Now students are other people who get quite cheap debt. But it looks like some kids in China won't have any destitute all. So this is a great story. So there was American billionaire Robert Smith, who vowed to pay off loans of his undergraduates at one of his favourite American colleges. He came out with that about a month ago. We'll either this so much shit in being billionaire. Now we've got a Hong Kong, billionaire Li Ka-shing following in the American footsteps vowing to pay off the loans of undergraduates in a Chinese university. The shantelle university in Guangdong, apparently, this is where this is the province, which Li Ka-shing came from came to Hong Kong natives billions now giving back. So there's a couple of things I like the endless, you know, one ship of billionaires, but also the other entertaining angle. But hey, you've got to Hong Kong billionaire helping Hong Kong students, but Chinese mainland students. To get through their studies. And I'm wondering if a Hong Kong billionaire, you need to improve your popularity in Beijing, I do wonder and finally who invented bitcoin. Oh, now this is a fascinating one, the k because supposedly it's a fait it's completely an an anonymous person called Souto, she Nakamoto. And there's endless spec speculation in bitcoin circles about who this person actually, is by the way, he does own about nine billion dollars with bitcoin, so he's probably quite wealthy, but it's this mysterious inventor of bitcoin, and Australian-born technologist Craig. Right. Has been plaguing has hayme for quite a few years..

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