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What you can't do that. Now, maybe with a big disruptive rule change a lot with seven twenty twenty one. You can make a jump at it takes a long time to get into the front. So he can stay with McLaren for nineteen and realistically, expect anything better than with absolute perfect drum McClellan, we know better than the front of the midfield and most likely behind that gave them another gave them enough time. Didn't he Tony Tony t seasons of mccowan? The thing was all promise in delivery, and he had three seasons of that torment. And then still stuck around to see oh is Reynaud engine a basis around which we can actually get. Up to the front again one season in snow happening comedy blame McClellan had their own problems. But it's just the same old story with a different engine him, isn't it? So he's thinking, well, we're no further forward. It's been by now four seasons. So even if there's another rule change opportunity, we didn't take advantage of the last two if you count the engine changes that occur and tried to get on board with Honda, and then the two thousand seventeen aerodynamic rule changes that were vast are the ones before nine changes. They fell foul of. Yeah. So, you know, he's he's he's probably looking at the bigger picture there and going well, the signs look very positive for the future. So maybe it's time to just finally pack in who may temporarily I think are very fair the point about the way the rules are now and they're not commensurate teams. It's not like you can get there for the human gearbox and go from one rushing hope to competitive, but they're all three teams therefore sixties winning cars, and for one reason or another can't get into any. Now, I'm big fan of his. There is a reason for that. Because it's not nothing to do with what he does on track. We will accept these been one of the top two or three best draws decade in half. So I think Lonzo has played his part in him. Now having no options other than aren't gonna go and win the Indy. Five hundred and whatever else he decides today. Now, the case Christian Honan talks about it that they were Cain Alonzo because I felt he was a bit of a disruptive influence, and again, this is where myth comes. Auditor later, while some of that is is massively over blind. There are certain aspects of Alonzo's character. He kinda needs to be your focal point and a that kind of comes with with its Harry as we seen in the past. You could argue that McLaren had been in in button Renoir together, but they weren't fighting at the front says easy to be matey with the other world champions in that in that scenario. So interesting interesting that you know, talking about these three teams and six eight to if those teams he hasn't worked with before horn has no direct relationship with Lonzo from four point of United tighter. But both of them at different points of made publicly that reference to not show about loans as characters the kind of guy we want to have in our team. So they must have got that through secondhand information. Because they haven't had it been team win besides one him alongside Hamilton and rebel wouldn't want him alongside stop. They didn't have those two different story. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. And of course. He had the Ferrari see. That that protect unraveled again because it frustrated ambition. You know, he he he dropped probably drive like a hair. I didn't send me two seasons. For Orion came Cyclades doing the championship. And eventually he just kinda thought well, this is not going to happen. They at that down with slide massively in fourteen and then mass of the rest of my to the challenge of the Hollywood engines anyone narrowly same as Reynaud with red bull in that point, the reason they struggled so much early on is that Renault underestimated how much of a jump that wasn't didn't didn't plan for enough ahead, and of.

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