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These words of blood contest. None of that Maggie has to call plays. He cannot put it down is gonna have to go find Mr Gardner any Jackson is not a physical player. He wasn't paid for their physical player is painting the dominant free safety in the in the high Senses fail to take the ball away. He's been moved away from that barbecue tonight is brought down into the box where he's going to tell isn't his game. That's what we're doing, and this is what the baby doing with this coach's office. Off. Sorry. Far beyond what our concluding part of it with this couch is that if it remains next year, it doesn't matter who haven't called back. It doesn't matter who we dropped. They will misuse personnel will not have control of the team on the field. It's likely to be suddenly with a strong signal next year. Well, I have to go forward. 12 probably looked in a gay is not a George. Thank you for the com best to your mother in law again. I know she's been battling in the hospital. Look They have to get a new quarterback. He makes a valid point. Hoody. Whoever the quarterback is, Are you convinced this coaching staff can develop them? Because by my count Hey, Bourgogne, Mark Helfrich. John de Filipo. Bill Lazor. Matt Maggie, That's five supposed quarterback gurus. All of them, right. Name me one quarterback they've developed Exactly Jay. Get better under any of them know that zero Mitch Glennon foals Tyler Bray case, Daniel, none of them. None of them. You understand why I want change? Yes. I mean, that's because the most important position on the field to try to go vertical to get better offensively, and you can't develop any of those guys. Correct. So what's the point of them being around? If he was I mean, the coaching staff. Yes, I have been able to get you to the playoffs, so I had three years. But where is he getting you offensively? Go back to square one. It's what's a friend says you just lost, but she had a great effort. Okay, so that meant your offense was getting better The second time around with Mitch, you could build on that for next year. You could make a case. Won't buy it. You won't buy big could make the case right? But because the Green Bay game and the way that they perform yesterday, you're right back to where you started from from the beginning of the season. A great That's the whole point. Like you can make the case you get up there and like you know what? Here here. I know we didn't play well this year, the last few games we feel like we've turned a corner because of running the football. More of Mitch is more you can make that case. Can you make that case? You know what The amazing thing is that Brian wanted to bring the New Orleans model to Chicago, but he's done nothing to build the New Orleans model. Dollar. What is New Orleans? Have that the Bears don't That would be an amazing offensive line. They've put draft capital into the offensive line. He has two running backs. First, it was marking room and Alvin Kamara. Then Ingram went to Baltimore and he gets Latavius Murray They have a Two pronged attack on what they're gonna do. They're funny thing about an offensive line in Cleveland. It's musical chairs, right? It's like Baker Mayfield him. You know, half the guys in his offensive line right now. His musical chairs. But yet the scheme works correctly. And you not to be the biggest Baker Mayfield fan. That's fine, but it's working offensively. But but another team with two outstanding running backs Nick Chubb. Karim Hunt. We have David Montgomery and nobody else. Ryan All R Tatis Pierce, stop yourself First two guys on the offensive line that we saw in yesterday's game where Baker do even know their name. Introducing him like a on Baker Mayfield. Was a playoff game. Yeah. It didn't matter because like we run the football, we got our scheme. We're good. Just give me some time. And we can get this done. And then a 28. Nothing lead with guys. You don't even know in front of you on the offensive lunch. You don't even know if you trust yet. And then when you get the scheme worked, it worked. And when you got to 35 23 I said to my wife Oh, boy. 35 23. They're going to get a stop here or turn over. They're going to score. Stop him and the win the game. 37 35. We'll be like, what a horrible collapse And guess what. Nick Chubb on the end zone. The game was over. Scheme scheme and players 63123323776. We're going straight back to the phones and Nagy beating the We have to run the ball more drama again yesterday. That's next. The Jay.

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