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You know that was the big payoff for me. Is the chance to do the the final four times. Hopefully in the as i said in the next seven years what do you make of. I mean for those of us who cover media in media nerds and follow this stuff. Obviously hockey's ratings popularity in america. You know our. I've always been sort of a narrative and you know the considered the fourth major sport. If but if you're going by what the numbers say they're not i mean college football would be in that mix before the nhl. I'm just curious. Do you think it's just a matter of the league. Getting back on the espn. That's going to give it a huge boost orders. The league need to do other things. Because i think i think you can't even quantify how big it's going to be to go from nbc sports espn but is it as simple saturday. You think there's some other what you make about trying to increase the numbers there. I'm surprised that they're not fired. Just because i love it. I think sport has never been better in terms of the way. It's play in the speed. They made some rules. Changes in recent years. A really helped the trap which was not very attractive and appealing. That's eight from a spectator standpoint has gone away. The players are though so big strong fast. Skilled that i'm surprised. The ratings are what they are. i do think. Nbc has done a fantastic job. I think they've set a really high bar for us to try to get over in a lot of them will be attorney some of our place to helping our coverage. But you know i. But i just think to. You're playing jimmy the volume of what we're able to do it. Espn because we are twenty four seven and we have all these different networks platforms. We are going to be able to give the sport a lot more exposure than it's had in recent years so I think that'll help. We have a lot of you. Saw press release by talked to the people who are part of this group nor vian in mark gross. Mike maclay did a phenomenal job assembly. I think a really talented team that will do a great job of being passionate enthusiastic about sport and hopefully helping to grow the game. Because i do think it's great product. But i don't know why more people aren't coming to it but hopefully they will. That's part of our job. I mentioned the list of sports and leagues. You've you've call eight even touch. Obviously golf tennis or in the mix. You've done that as well. Olympics bobsled deluge. Perhaps lie about the boban. How long did it take you to learn the rules. For the bob's did i can imagine four. Cbs is in albertville lillehammer. I actually went to lake placid and spent several days up the bob slipping blue shield trading quarters to meet. The people have people explaining the sport. They're really not that complicated. I mean july now on a sled. Try not to move at all. You know the the they told me the best luger. It'd be a dead person writing. Because the more you fight it Kind of slows led down so you could just be a blob but down the mountain. That would be the best way to go but that was really a fun experience too but i enjoyed the hockey more in in nagano. In ninety eight i. I'm sure the hockey was a little more exciting than the lose. But i mean it's funny because you say you say lowly hammer And i think one thing and one thing only which is.

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