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Left a user knowhow which buddhas left there when it will run out our joe ramsey an as we continue with animal newsome mocking in a round in an ohio town residents of lebanon ohio outside cincinnati had been using their cell phones to take pictures of monkeys hanging out in trees police there say they're aware of the reported sighting there are investigating but apparently have not yet seen him for themselves neighbors believe they were someone's pets who got out but no one's owned up to a yet and since they started being photographed a few weeks back they haven't been seen sense but neighbours still hear them in the woods gnat piper cbs news kyw news time eight fifty two time now for traffic and transit on the twos thank you frank in known this saturday night our second bridgeopening at the to kony is still in the process of being completed so our traffic is stopped on both sides routes 73 at the took only palmira bridge westbound over the ben franklin bridge we've got construction taking out the two right lanes but are delays have cleared out there was still on six seventy six the vine street exp press way as you head out of center city philadelphia traffic is still slow at the ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway whetstone on seventy six traffic slows in the area of south street then you're good to go heading out of philadelphia all the way through montgomery county out to the valley forge tolls eastbound traffic is now slow on the schuylkill approaching gladwin into belmont avenue and they want to get into full it's a slow ride from montgomery drive into the vine nothing to report on 95 the blue route that's looking good no problems report on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound on the pa turnpike approaching interchange three twelve downingtown there's road work taking up the right lane and traffic is slow through that pattern south jersey good to go on 55 295 forty two mass transit running on or close to schedule once again all traffic stopped at the tacoma narrow bridge opening in the process of being completed should be another five minutes looks like that's a look at your traffic situation next update in less than ten minutes i'm tori wars in the trumark financial credit union 24 hour traffic center begi dry thatcher traffic you should weather i'm.

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