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It. Just if it's not who is not good. And but i did like how how vesper she was always bonds like actual love like everything always came back to her and she was always like sort of they're just like in the back of his mind and yes very much so yeah i really liked it. I didn't think the villain was very. It wasn't very good. I just didn't like the one. Doreen was not a good doing not at all. So but as much as you as much as people rag on quantum solace and say that it's one of the worst bond movies for craig's tenure. I do think it does enough. To set up the rest of the series Guys like it introduces a quantum. You know a super secret organization. I kind of carries through sky fall and carries through specter and carries through no time to die kinda sorta the see how we get court board with those red strings push pins with the pictures of faces new like make a path through it. You can see how quantum turns in the sky fall turns into specter. And all that stuff. Yeah there's some interesting things to talk about surrounding specter but yet quantum is definitely not 'cause sinorail around bonded. Revenge doesn't really strike me as a winning combination. And i know that's primarily the big argument. I think the suffers from sequel syndrome. So like every not every seek what you get is going to be good like you could get you know i literally. This is one of the two sides of the same spectrum for me like on one end. The good side you get empire stripes back type sequels which are amazing build on everything make the whole series better in are often regarded as one of the best movies in the series. Yeah or you get a quantum of solace which doesn't really do anything to adapt doesn't really make me care. i mean. The premise is super campy. I can forgive multi trillion dollar poker game but undiscovered resources in a poor country. Where they're going to try and buy and sell it to get rich. Sounds awful lot like aggressive negotiations from the love while the prequels are seen in a better light now. There really hasn't been a renaissance. Her quantum of solace in terms of people kind of getting that nostalgia vision for. I don't think they ever. I don't think it's ever gonna happen honestly because it's that that it's just so rage filled as just not good for me. I did not like it..

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