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So guys this canadian link thing or is it your also he's canadian so he would not appoint boys offices to nice i get it good good logic there all right see what he's a yeah it is still called the naismith player of the year for college basketball it's the heisman of basketball can't you ever looked into lord stanley's track record fiction fiction i'm saying fact because you don't joke about arsenic it's very serious will this piece of historical information is indeed fiction totally made up although canadianborn dr james naismith did invent the game basketball yeah with the peach basket and like a soccer ball he's pretty famous pretty much any canadian guy canada brought us basketball that's fucking weird and steve nash people forget that no no i don't think he even either what it said was he just invented this game it was like cardio thing for other athletes in other sports during the winter to do something inside let's then it turned into a better game these other for sure all right so that's the first one number two on the same theme their german chemist johann wolfgang double rayner who is probably best known for inventing the cigarette lighter died ironically in a house fire at the age of fifty one it was determined the passed out from taking too much alcohol and inversely knocked over his reading lamp burning his house down while he slept ladies and gentlemen he's going into the turn.

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