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To the public don't worry you're not missing anything they're going to be a shorts and helmets they don't go into pads until day three so you're not gonna miss anything there several little blocks if you will that the saints will have open practices to the public so starting july twenty eighth through the thirtieth and again on august first all the open practices run from eight fifty am to eleven forty a m the team's gonna be off on july thirty first and august second our seventh excuse me the saints first preseason game is against jacksonville on thursday august ninth and practices on saturday and sunday august eleventh and twelfth will be open to the public so after their second preseason game they'll have one final chance saints i have one final chance to see the saints before they breakdown camp august nineteenth so from july twenty eighth through the thirtieth all open august first through the sixth open august eleventh and twelfth open to the public and august nineteenth open to the public and look there's some details as to firstcomefirstserved is free but they are gonna practice here in metairie are out there so you'll have an opportunity to check out the saints trying to get one of the things you should mention is that the practice sunday august fifth will be at tulane university so that's the only one that they're taking on the road other than their memory facility all throughout training camp and then they'll have those practices with the chargers after training camp is over quote unquote yeah after after they break they'll go out there just like they did last year for third preseason game mix it up with the chargers for about two days and then play the preseason sunday practice at tulane university will be seven to nine pm sunday august fifth look that's a great venue to hold that in and on top of that a great it's a great location or by can get to it and that's really when you're gonna see you're gonna be able to see a lot more it's gonna be at night so it's not gonna be as hot so yeah that'd be that'd be a good time to watch saints training camp for those looking to get out there and look now make sure you make sure you hydrate yourself because it's gonna be hot out there in the stands but.

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