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I mean, he is going to set up the play action and you got to really be guarding against that and saying. I think the defense has an opportunity off on this offense because of the, you know, they're not very prolific offense. I mean, they've struggled, so it sets up well for them. Now the often side, the ball is I alluded to earlier, you know, when you look at, you know, JJ watt. You look at today today in clown, and you look at. I mean, there's a lot of there's some playmakers Marta. I mean, there's some playmakers on defense side of the ball so that you got to look at the match ups, and I think the match ups, the ones that I just mentioned, you gotta be able to minimize their Pash obviously. And again that you got to do a lot of play action with that. So I. You and I are both at the game against a chore last week, and I only watched the condensed version of the game on game, pass this week, but I watched the broadcast last night and and the the great Bob Sturm had pointed something out that I finally saw after the golden Tate touchdown, the go ahead touchdown on the broadcast. You can see Chris Rashard just, I mean ribbon in into the secondary. I mean, he is, I don't know if you know, I don't know who the target was. Anthony, Brown Byron Jones, and she'd oh, are all in the vicinity. But but Chris Rashard was hot because they gave a big, a big play. Anthony Brown played poorly. I have to magin. He was certainly partly guilty there, but the Cowboys secondary has not been this force that we thought it was going to be this season. I think baron Jones has played really well. I think he deserves a lot of credit and she had a bad game kind of a weird game. But overall, the secondary hasn't been. I think I don't wanna say they've been. Bad, but I think we expected like some muscle flexing, we expected some swag. We, I don't know. Maybe we were. We were just, you know, lulled into Chris Rashard, but I think we were all expel. These dudes are going to hock all these balls. They're going to be this legion of boom part to whatever their only defense and therefore the only you know, maybe I'd only second only defense a whole yet to report an interception. Is that on their mind? Is that something that trend you see break in here? I don't think you have to pressure yourself, added pressure to really disabled. There's not. You can put this pushes buttons like we're gonna. We're gonna. We're gonna take away. It doesn't happen that way. And as I mentioned earlier this week that that's, I think that's all that will happen eventually, I hope so because you got to be in the right place the right time. And when you get the opportunity to catch it, you gotta convert. You can't be the interception on the defense. Okay. But as much You know when. when the takeaways? Yes, that's a cute category. You look at that. That's one of the first things look at. Saks tackles for loss down officiency an takeaways will I really believe that if this the continuation of the defensive line get pressure on the quarterback, that's where it starts. You know, we always said this DB's the backroom hated hated versus say this, but it is vice versa. A good pass. Rush, creates a good secondary. A good secondary helps the the front, four front, seven, whatever it is to get pressure on the quarterback covered sacks. So it kind of goes hand in hand. But the first the first one I mentioned the pressure that creates again, a quarterback, thrown off off, rhythm thrown into window that he thinks he can make a play. And just at the very last minute either gets hit and also that creates an opportunity for an interception or take away that if that if the trend with the pashas continues, I think that I don't know how they come in bunches. But I think maybe this week I think we get the Cowboys get off the snide and lease get one interception, you know, I can see that into Sean. It's certainly a cornerback that's while he certainly very talented. He's kind of, I don't say known for that, but he's he's not unknown for that..

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