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We were talking about yesterday. Equal pay in women's soccer specifically with the national team. I there neither side budging. Neither side is party and you women's soccer u._s. Soccer as a whole but specifically typically women's soccer has released their thing about whether or not they're actually paying the women's players more than the men which if this ends up going into a courtroom they're going to want to see all the financial documents and everything else going forward again a number that's out there thirty four point one million for the women twenty six point four million for the men in the same period of time between twenty ten and two thousand eighteen <hes> the women continuing to scream equal pay and if they're bringing in the revenue we discussed it here and i'm not backing off of that statement if you're bringing in the revenue via capitalism which is how this country works. Did you get paid equal if you're not you don't now if you're in the executive offices of women of u._s. Soccer and you're a woman and you're doing the same job opposite man you damn well better be getting paid the exact same amount of money that's how it works but if you're on the field and you're being compensated by fannies and he's in the seats and ratings you gotta get the ratings up there and get the fannies in the seats simple as that the atlanta football coach m._l._s. clarify his statements statements. He's looking forward to the time when women's soccer is financially on the same par with men so the women could get paid equally all right. He was clarifying so he didn't lose his job. Which what it came down here but again i'll challenge you any of these listeners out there to go. Oh look at a women's professional soccer game and tell me why the maximum amount of fannies in the seat is thirteen thousand for any of their franchises and why the minimum emma is three thousand. That's family and friends took a long while for m._l._s. to get there on the men's professional women's level you look at another decade. Perhaps to all right. We're out. We're.

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