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In the bills front office are going tired of tyrod's taylor's ben their starter they actually gave him a long term contract but the bills are going nowhere and there is intriguing among the bills front office is pushing rex ryan who's on the hot seat the head coach at buffalo to give a shot to cardale jones the bills yesterday however came out and said tyrod taylor is still are starting quarterback okay you try to quiet those rumors touch so i was really all great that story would percolated may come true ability that cardale jones watch you know brown yes i mean he would have to be so conflicted this quarter i mean he knows his job is going to go out and perform but to be a cleveland kiddin come back and have to i think he will be so excited to try to turn them out don't you don't know i don't know i mean flow braun went away in came back in was so to represent firs home area in win the title in bring all that home i mean you want to be that guy going to be the guy that's from cleveland that continues to grind cleveland's face in a bad the browns are and i think of your cardale jones at this particular moment in as life yes but if you got the opportunity to play but so yeah i you know unfortunately it doesn't out look like that's going to happen at least from what they said yesterday but well things change but that would be so cleveland would net where jess sorry i mean remember last year before cardale really started struggling but there was the fail for cardale you know get get him to be the number the became back in his first game was against the browns now and they beat the browns that would do well we mean andy beat the browns that's going to happen you would you would think so yeah i will ewing was playing so well i got.

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