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Singing. Nice woman. We just thought her who's singing that note, Nellie. Yeah, Yeah, See, this is why was this Is your blind spot? Yes. Just picture me in quarantine for 20 years and I came out and I'm like, Oh, what's thiss? That's like me with country music, though that with hip hop is me with country. Exactly, you know a little bit appreciate a little bit, but a lot lot of blind spots. You got it, buddy. Speaking of country music, it's time to talk music I enjoyed with Donna Valentine. And Steve Patterson. You like you, wee Lewis and the news? This is well, this is most unfortunate We heard I am Grant talking about this in the dirt alert Saturday night Live has canceled country artist Morgan Wallens. Appearance on this week's show. This comes after videos and photos hit the Internet of him partying without a mask, and most of it seemed to happen last Saturday in Alabama, Texas A and M football game. He was hanging out, had no mask on. He's with these college kids. He's doing shots. He's sharing a bottle of whisky. He's making out with coeds and all of that. As it turns out, is against safety protocols. So SNL had no choice. Once that news hit that he was cancelled. Then Morgan posted a video where he admitted that he made a huge mistake. He vowed to change things. Here's some of what he said. See what you think of this, Steve? Okay? He said. I'm not positive for Cove it but my actions this past weekend were short sighted. I respect the show's decision because I put them in jeopardy and I apologized to SNL, my fans and my team. For bringing me these opportunities and then I let them down. And then, he said on a personal note. I have some growing up to Dio. I think I lost a little of myself. I've tried to find joy in the wrong places, but it's left me with less joy. I'm going to take a step back from the spotlight for a little while and go work on myself. And then he said, it may be a while before you hear from me. I'm gonna work on me. I appreciate you all respecting that. He said that Lauren Michaels did give him encouragement and told him that they will find time to make it up. That's good. No, Here's Probably why he's taking a step back for a little bit. He got arrested. In May for public intoxication and disorderly contact outside of kid rocks, Big ass honky talent in rock and Roll steakhouse and nationally. And he didn't break any laws this time around or get arrested, But it looks like maybe he needs to just They take Take some inventory That sounds like that's a way to use it as a wake up call. Yeah, that's good. Yeah, So there you go. I wonder who do we know who the musical guest is Replacing him? I don't know who that is yet Know who who is hosting this weekend. I have so many questions. I don't feel like I know the answer to that. It's Saturday and I lying thieves. That's me. Find a drugs for us to find it. OK, here just October And it ended up baby made harbor. No, that was no. What's that? What's today's date? Here we go. Is the eighth. Okay? So this would be 10 10 sober 10. Alright, standby. Here it comes. Everybody who I hope it's true Barry, Mom and your host. Ah, Bill Burr note. That's 2017 matter matter. No, no. Now we're this deep. We've gotta find it. Donna can't not scratch the itch a rich the scratch Whatever. Um oh. Lord him. Ah 00. Wilbur, wait, Steve, I think I've seen Bill Bird come up. I'll confirm this. And well, you guys can go. Tio. It's Bill Burr. Yeah, I think I've seen that too. But I think he did host in the past, too. So let me check and you guys can Okay. We'll chat about other musical news on a mandatory and that's why we cared about Wilbur last year. Remember a comedian? I'm not the media. Yeah, He's not really on my radar the way he is with other people, but I liked him in the man DeLorean. Very funny. Yes, he is hosting October 10, but I think he's the one who was punching baby Oda and I don't care for things. Maybe he well, he was He was kind of a Yeah. He was punching him in the back. Yeah, He wasn't a nice guy in as his character in man DeLorean, but This array from insecure will host on October. 17th love her and deeds will be her musical guest. You guys! Oh my gosh, That's going to be such a great show. She is so good and I did finish the entire series. So far so far, it'll come back. Insecure if you haven't seen it really good show. I believe it's on HBO, Max right now. Okay, so Eddie Van Helen passed away as we all know, just a couple of days ago, and Sammy Hagar, who Of course, took over for David Lee Ross in Van Halen. I guess I didn't know that they had a falling out. How he was on the Howard Stern show Sammy Hagar and he said. Eddie and I had been texting and it's been a love fest since we started communicating earlier this year, but interesting. They both agreed not to tell anyone that they had quote unquote made up. Because of all the rumors that it would stare up about a re union and they both knew that that wasn't gonna happen. He also didn't want anyone to know about his health. Issues at the time. Okay, Sure. So he did say, Sammy Hagar said He stopped responding to me about a month ago, and I figured it wasn't Good, and he said he reached out one more time last week, and when he didn't respond, he figured it was a matter of time. But it came way too soon as we all know. On Eddy died on Tuesday and side note Van Halen's catalog sales Jumped. No pun intended. 6100% might be my favorite Van Halen song really jump. No way love it. You know what my favorite is, But every time I hear the music start to events, Van Halen song I'm like Thiss feels good, doesn't it? Yes, it's summary and happy. You know, they don't really have any sad songs right? It just feels good. Dun Dun Dun Dun on Bob about who I should learn how to play guitar. I'm going to read that for Teo taking very game. Gotta use those during the season. Oh, that's right. Another lives in a few weeks. What did we pay that guy for? I know, right? And the organist. All that organ was really expensive. Hey, coming up a 10 30, the college of pop culture knowledge. Our buddy Rocco is going to join us in studio. Oh, how excitingly up. He's going to help facilitate that game since he comes up. The questions and I am Grant is going to be his understudy. Yo, wonderful Grant. You have Ah, wonderful teacher. We're gonna learn together. And Rocco has never done this before. So this will be really interesting message on, But when we come back, I thought it would be fun. We like language, and I came across a list thanks to my brother Drew. Of most popular slang terms every year since 1940 now we'll start a little later than that, because of time limitations, But we'll go down a little bit of that list when we come right back on my talk 1071 project down and dirty isn't just about.

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