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Hey everybody. Welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk show super thrilled to be joined today about Maria Bartiromo and James Freeman. They have a phenomenal new book out called the cost trump China and American revival. I am working my way through it learning quite a lot and I think it actually puts this election in a proper context of exactly what is at stake? Maria I'll start with you. Can you tell us why you wrote this book and most importantly how this applies in the next seven days coming up to this very important election. Thank you so much trolley. I think we wrote this book because we both recognize that we were. Witnessing and participating in this extraordinary moment in time with an unconventional president and who has been really chalking up so many successes and victories one after the other and yet comes into this broader. Backdrop of the media refusing to acknowledge any of them and report on actual facts. So James and I started to look at what we felt was most important about president trump's approach and what we came up with was clearly economic policy was able to move the needle on growth and focus on jobs also. An. Incredible situation with the media and this resistance that was so extraordinary and then the broader challenges that this president faced including China and how we all watched for forty. How we expected, China should go one way and perhaps look at engagement with the United States as a positive. But in fact, what the opposite way and had bad behavior in terms of intellectual property theft moving into countries, and so president trump dealt with all of these issues whether it's foreign policy economic policy. So well, putting America first and he faced. A resistance from the media and from government within which was so harsh that we just decided that we wanted to document it. Swell put in its very applicable and interesting especially, what's happening in the new cycle right now James One. Thing that I don't think the president talks enough about is how we were able to survive the shutdowns because of the economic prosperity we enjoyed for the three years prior I would make the argument that if we had to shut down our economy right when Barack, Obama and his presidency, I don't know what America would look like Can you talk a little bit about how good the last three years were economically and who the biggest gainers were in the economy? Yeah. I think the table was really set for a thriving economy in the we start out in the boat talking about when. Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency in Twenty fifteen..

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