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Okay hold on look it looks like he's pretty well oh that one was is this how regular sports caster exams got out i don't care about sport so i don't really notice however is worse gas exams by it's reasonable not but watching someone should do it for artery i really founded silly advice required alleged with let them cook let them let them shoot and and and and and i can enjoy that on the guy who she told you the black artery league and if i could buy hale said that's our show a very written hit back to thirty robea ferry cargo bay i wanna i wanna i wanna now sports cath for i without that all right i think we're done here as i go into my new career of autry sports we would sufficiently camera david i think so i'm still dragan my coffee i haven't finish hopefully by the time i'm done here i'll be finished it but i'm gonna know through apprentice what my bootleg womb nabire if you want donate i would separate papadopoulos forward slash probation then you're yes i mean sent yar i expect you have your arch renamed by monday work on that and you can't be negras ever dean someone else's their own darn either have we been sufficiently caffeinated yes an excellent they eyes from listening we'll be back here on monday yes i as i do not look at the news thing because i i started humanoid once.

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