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Low for those of you young. Don't know what. Brian talking about this awful when you get into your parents porn. Probably your dad's foreign when you're younger when you're our age it's a very brief time in human history that this is going to be the case. 'cause it never happened before and it will never happen again probably right. It was just the vhs. This'll be unknown to our children. This is like a year twenty year period that we experienced firsthand. That will never ever happen again. Certain youtube videos will start where you left off. Who's watching porn on youtube. Does that apply to other sites. I don't know. I don't think it applies to the tubes. There's just too much out there. What are you talking about listen. Hey kids for those of you and might not have any talking about. We'd find her. We find test forest hatch. We pop it in port stash coming into things like you know the most also the character orange new black porn stash. We you put it in and you know you don't want to think about it but you know you're watching the moment that your dad finished and then the time it took for him to walk cry support. Schlesinger of dad's of the eighties be kind ruined. Here's the worst part. Bright house brinkley's if you're if you're if you're at all worried about getting yourself you have to remember what part was and you have to rewind it back to your dad's laurie moment. Reset it reset. Today we're literally sharing moments with our dad who's across town at work in a horrible horrible way. I don't wanna share that moment. Do you think do you feel closer. Dad now realizing that. I remember i found a lot porn. It was. He had a video of a girl that i would Which was a girlfriend of mine for a couple of weeks. And she became a porn star afterwards. Now a really. I don't like that it's pretty good. It's not good for a guy who directed four. Films daryl duke. There's some really cool shots at this so it'd be like plummer looking through the mail slot. Does i was like as i was very big. Plumbers is no perfect also. He was wearing and i was talking to ryan about this ryan. Hadn't picked us up chris. Plummer was wearing some kind of like lee press on nails through long nails just long. They were like failed their fake. I examined on the on the tc rainy. I paused it. And i'm like look you can see it's coming up a little bit so this movie is worth watching. Just for the chris plummer character that he plays which is a very very scary character and the story overall is very fun to fall along fun to watch and some of the twists and turns. You don't see coming agreed and there are some absurd. I dunno where sexy time you can just a snafu island sexy time to you. Which is a weird seventies time. They mixed the violence. And the i didn't see that teenage girl get realized. I mean it was kind of tame. But still i didn't need to see her like holding her bloody mouth on the floor. While topless exposed hoops exposed. I mean owner was so confused bryant. So yeah i would. We saw this on canopy. I believe i i figure. I rented amazon prime. What else do i had to about. Burner of the sexy sax pop up out of nowhere. The sort of late seventies earners. The french girl bugged a little bit until i finally came around on her. But here's something interesting as well. This is a an in the seventies where surveillance was not cutting edge. Shall we say and. I was raised brian. Rage when there watching do you remember when they were watching. The footage of is rob robbery. It wasn't the only clear it was projected off of projector and it was like blaring day. It was filmed brian. There were watching the surveillance video which was not video. It was processed film so they kind of made up for it and they kind of cover their tracks because apparently when he pulled one hundred out the word led to believe that they have a film camera up and see which they may have. Maybe this is going to practice back then. I don't know how they got to film process so quickly. Usually a couple of day turnaround. But there's a camera film camera with the film voted in the camera. Ready and it's tripwire in the classroom and it'll start rolling on the actual teller which perhaps this is actually technology works but they did seem awfully at first. I thought it was hopefully high death. I thought that. I mean it's film it's gonna it's the highest now. I thought that they're going to suggest that there was just constantly a real rolling in something. Somebody's job to like load in a new magazine every hours or not even out. Everybody knows trip wire which made me feel better. I enjoy this You can you can rent a couple of bucks or watch it on the canopy there. Yeah thanks ryan. fox's name. Reggie ball brian. I have it right in front of you. Look at a my. It's not your notes. Thanks appreciate it was like when someone assigns us movie. That is completely first of all out of my purview. Secondly nice breath. I told ryan this yesterday. But i was hoping that there was a movie from my childhood. Much ryan watched way too many things as most of you know like that very very young age. It's funny because i was watching this one and atticus in my wife were out to lunch with her mom and then they came back. They're twenty five minutes left in the movie. So i came on and i'm going to go to the back room and watch the rest of this in the bedroom because i don't want anywhere near this movie. Le bears that horrible things happened right after i involve in a fish tank moments head. That's true Very very violent. This this movie was i saying. Oh you're watching. When when i when i looked when i was looking at the movie and found around canopy cool santa's and guns. There's a movie from my childhood. That i saw that involves reading taste a guy who was dressed in a santa and he was trying to get away and he had a limp and there was guns involved and he was a good guy i remember he took money out of a register and he i think he wrote a note saying i'm going to give it back. Remember being very confused by that. My my mom was saying he's like a good bad guy. There's some good back. She was actually watching with me when other little kid. Anyone have any idea what movie that is brian. I've done the search. I can't figure it out. So if anyone knows what. I'm talking about where a guy dressed as santa and he's trying to get away from from bad people and he's like he's in some kind of store and he has to borrow some money and borrow some stuff up. Please let me know. And then let's let's Let's let's wrap his baby movies. It's rep rep. Does up berber the you know. Why should we do gambling. There is a movie okay now does move from. Nineteen eighty called christmas evil. I don't think that's brian ready to do this. Are we gambling. No game on x episodes. Your i mean the to you. What's gamble okay. Let's have enough for that but next episode how we get clips putting opening clips all right next episodes coming up next. it's getting. Thank you guys for listening downloading. No she thought of these movies. A lot of lot of meat on these bones wildly divergent opinions on a net candyman in the silent partner ticket on the side of the party. That's a fun movie. Thanks ryan reggie ball for exciting to us for being an a signer. We appreciate you. Want to be a signer. Send us a movie to watch. Just sign up for our patriotic at twenty five dollars a month level. Six minutes later you get to assign a movie easy as some people prepay. Just get it out of the way and say. Here's your move. 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