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Nfl what do i do soup so i've read out the winner to have a laugh and a joke in bt you got it's not you excuse me he's there so i've got say i said listen saudi it's not you and everybody started booing but we do say not i'm standing there and about to read the original winner not never go chia then because people saying about it on the all my i'm gonna lose me jobe i'm gonna lose me job but why done after that i thought what can i do to make up for that what can i do i've just d just thinking about now why don't was the goodness of up the poll goodness second basic selfless act not a self aside these you even even through through you the daily miracle because the even the wrong person thinking i'm going to have a bit of phone quotes so robby stack you just you did did only be described as a bit of a pickle basically you i've done i'm very fortunate to know a few people of some very good friends and one person happened to have a house abroad so why domos i i give the guy rings mustard pickle so basic now give the guy a week's holiday rolled nice house flights included flintoff savage ping pong guy so the the drive i is guys you know guys he's gaza drive great fellow did you you this is why this is the big.

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