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The pike. But of course you want to keep in mind about that situation going on west of the city right now. Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three Alright there. Loria Looking out at the WBZ four day AccuWeather forecast. We may have a little bit of rain out there to start the morning in different spots, but for the most part, we are dry out there. Looking at some pretty nice weather to kick off today on Friday. We're gonna have a high of 76 this afternoon and we'll see some sunshine breaking out their lows tonight down around 60. Excellent weekend ahead of us. Saturday's high 76 will be mostly sunny, pleasant, a beautiful Saturday afternoon tomorrow and then we warm up on Sunday. It's a 4 25 kickoff for the Patriots and Dolphins on Sunday afternoon from Foxboro. And the game time temperature should be in the eighties. So it's going to be a sunny and very warm affair for the Big Mac Jones debut at Foxboro for the NFL regular season And then Monday. Partly sunny, nice and comfortable high of 75 got a beautiful stretch of weather that we're looking at. We're seeing rain showers right now. All over the Cape 67 degrees in your mouth. Some light rain and Salem 64. Degrees in Boston, 66. Partly cloudy. It is 505 on WBZ NewsRadio well scare at a small airport on Cape Cod, and when a Cape Air jet crashes while landing on Thursday afternoon, seven people were on board. The airplane was attempting to land when it slid off the runway and crashed nose first into the woods near the Provincetown airport. The airline says. All six passengers and the pilot coming from Boston survived. Some suffered burns. But the emergency response was massive. A portion of race point road was blocked off to traffic as first responders rescued those on board and the investigation by the NTSB began province town manager Alex Moore says the weather made for a tough landing. The trees took out one of the plane's wings. But more says this was overall a low impact crash. And that is WBZ TV's Tiffany Chan with that report, the F A. A And the NTSB is investigating..

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