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I'm a triple Hatter at town, district and county councils. Big smile on your face. This is really gone for it. She has. Jackie, just before I let you all go on on this particular topic, you didn't open the Brits this year. I think we were speaking last year when you were involved at that level with Jack Whitehall. Did you miss out? Did you miss it? Well, I was on tenth hooks just in case the Dow couldn't go on. It did. I bet you were thinking about that. Jackie weaver, lovely to talk to you very good to also hear what it's like being the only female metro may have a bit from Tracy braban there the labor method for west Yorkshire and jemima, Al haski chief executive of the forces society. Thank you very much to you indeed. More messages on this to which I will return very shortly, but you may remember my next guest from this. Foundation. I'm gonna know that I should let go but I can't yes, Britain award winning singer songwriter Kate Nash is back with some new songs and having also just turned her hand to acting in the Netflix series glow based on the gorgeous ladies of wrestling from the 1980s..

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