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So now you've got to go to bed, because you've agreed to go to bed, you got a spoon. Now I'm a spooner. Everyone know what spooning is, spooning is, yeah? Okay. That's when the two of you lie on your side in a lovers embrace. You know, you're just holding each other. Look like a couple spoons in the drawer. Quick squirming. Knock it off. Seriously. Pick a spot. What is with you? I always end up laying in this God awful cramp position. Oh, no. Did it to myself again? There's no way I'm gonna be able to fall asleep like this at all. If I move again, she's gonna yell at me for sure. What's better for me long term? I wish I could just die. If I could just die right now, get some sleep. Spooning so hard. My whole goal whenever I'm spooning is to just hold her long enough till she gets too hot. That's my goal. I know if I can stay in there if I can cook her up. You know? Get in there and cook her up, then eventually, okay, too hot too hot, get off. And. Thanks very much, Montreal. That was Dave Hempstead. He made me think of something you said one time on the show that you're so anxious to sometimes because, you know, if you move or if you snore, or if you hold the blankets, you ruin everything for Mary and so you just lie there, like trying to be completely silent and still is the opposite of breasts. Dave hampstead. He'll be posting up a BOB AND SH ERI dot com. This is bob and cherry. Congrats to Los sida Archuleta and her husband, who won the vacation to renew their vows with the bob and cherry crew at the shore's resort and spa and Daytona Beach shores, Florida. Thank you so much. We have never gone to Florida. I'm actually really in shock. A crash it is ready season. Go to bob and cherry dot com for your chance to win your way in. We have you covered with round trip flights..

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