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Is awesome. But it's not do it. Let's just. I mean we'll see rudd text back between the night i'm looking glenn close avatar or they're going to be great million. This is fantastic. Gotta be the bunny boy Okay i did this zoom Last week with my next guest who is Just dynamite just a great fun conversation. Jesus seems like a normal dude. Just very very very talented man. The actor jeff daniels right here on the rich eisen show. Welcome to the rich eisen. Show one of my favorite actors. And i'm not just saying that because he's kind enough to zoom in and support of his show american. Russ that premiers on sunday. September twelve at ten. Pm eastern time on showtime the emmy award winner. jeff daniels here on the richeisenshow higher sir. I'm good you. I'm doing very well. I'm because this is a radio audiences. Well i need to describe what i'm seeing. It seems to be a lot of a string guitars behind you right there. What what am i seeing behind you. Where where are you zooming in from jeff. What is this. Some actors prefer prefer cocaine. I i went with acoustic guitar. And it's it's It's as i've got too many of them. I got a lot of martin's decade twenties thirties forties and just lamb. I play and so that's been my kind of fetish if you will so there. They are right behind me. That's the You can i is this like can we have some sort of contest like many jelly beans in the jar. I mean It strikes me as a would that be about twenty five stringed instruments behind you jeff key yes and there are other places where a few more. I probably by the end of like thirty thirty five. My son is a musician and as abandoned. So he's got a few and so we have this kind of home recording studio restore everything and and Work out of an it's it's great. They're like old friends that you've had for years used hanging on the wall and and then when you're gone hand him to your kid so this being I guess the fodder of a show in which there's a lot of sports talk in pop culture talk. I'll i'll kind of put this in in the phraseology of of show like this when your greatest guitar player of all time. What would your mount rushmore as vita put put the floor up there. jeff daniels. Well there's there's electric. And i. I really love joe bono mousa a lot and yet just for the i. Just i just love joe there. Are people like buddy guy and you get into the acoustic players like steph and grossman and john. Fahey and john ran born stephanou. John rent corner two albums to remember. Hearing those in the seventies doc watson was somebody. I heard and said how he do what he does and tried to emulate some of that flat picking that he does those are just a few. There's a new. Guinan carry morin out of colorado native american guy. Just just just great can sit on stage with acoustic guitar. And that's all he needs. Jelly hopes deep track. I'm here giant. Is the acoustic guys. Sit there with just acoustic. And you're transfixed one hundred minutes that's hard to do and i've been fortunate to cease. These guys live cab malls and other one you know will kimbrough another one. So yeah jeff daniels here on the rich eisen show. Okay so What's the adjective. You use to describe the detroit lions season coming up and how you view it. Jeff daniels what do you got for me on. That line pace once again once again. I know jared goff had some trouble in l. a. I'd like to think it was a a bad marriage with coach. Sean mcveigh but the year before he was in the super bowl. It's true he was. He somehow got him to the super bowl and maybe different playbook different coaching staff. You gotta go in with that. It's it's who. Which jared goff are we gonna get and and i know i know sheila hamp forward. I know her well. She'll amp and she's all business. This is She went in there and started. You know throwing people out the window. And i loved it and this is she's it may take her more than a season. You know. get respectable. But i you know we could go one we could go on. What is it. Seventeen game vigor. To and fifteen or a week ago five hundred or we could get in the playoffs. I it's it's we just don't know and oh that's i you know i wish stafford the best in la right no. Maybe he's got a team. That's closer to the playoffs out there. Then than in detroit. But i thought it was wonderful parting of the ways stafford. I think went to sheila on company. Just said you know mutually beneficially feel free to trade me in owen. Feel free to move me and preferably To a contender which he would have had to approve. So i think that was handled really well and we got a lot of running backs. I mean you know more about football. Sure i'm telling you what you think of the coach. Did you hear dan. Campbell's opening press conference when he talked about biting off knee. What you think about jeff daniels. Which thinking well. he's either. See her again blind faith certainly so when you lead off with biting of kneecaps you gotta think well. He's either genius. Who can motivate players. Being an ex player speak in their language or he's a complete idiot. i. I'm i am hopeful i love. It's such a change at east stick in his chin out onto the field just like the players. So i'm hoping that. And he's got some real good people around and brad homes really like you know the whole scouting history. I think the brad as He knows talent. I just like the mix and if if biting kneecap speaks to the players and get them and get some motivated by some more item on the show a couple months ago and he had a good sense of humor about it talking about the Brought up the rare hannibal lecter way of motivating your team. It's very rare that you bring in the silence of the lambs to To a situation like that but we'll see all works. I think dan was just talking about eating kneecaps. I think that's all that. I don't think there was a movie. Rab in there at all it was. Just just let's you know let's go. Cannibalism on him. I don't know but whatever it was. I hope it works and if it works for in the playoffs. He's a genius he biton. I know jeff daniels here on the rich eisen show..

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