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No it was like he was like literally one of the like probably the only person in my life at the time that i could have thought of the be like i can't believe this is happening while you're visiting let's go shown that's great man like that you guys got to experience sat together and it's really special when you know that that's the only person that can absolutely appreciate that would and so much drunker by myself because i there's la guns there's bank tango just an nobody to talk to adjust would have here is is were a hair metal band shearer hurts either program almost ground zero they're ground zero van halen has ground zero but uh wasp was right there right i think what we really got into is this stuff that most people who were around for the wasps wasps of the world would say this is when the the whole genre curdled now game this awful like bastardisation of a bastardisation that's really like thinly disguised pop calling itself rock and roll like worries and y and not a huge poise of amateur yeah i think we're a lot of the purest got off as exactly where creggan i got on did racket in under the wire or is red considered a later legit i think they're totally with yeah they're credible i think if you had an album out before eighty six which is when poison really as their debut than you're you're kind of old school in regards to those an awesome horror movie starring richard mall of night court fame bull yeah yeah called the dungeon master fucking great flick so fun sofi crazy 80s it's so goofy it's great but red is in it really one of the one of the fantasy realms the he sends his victim the two victims were trying to escape has dungeon to is a rat.

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