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Athletes. There is no claim of amateurism and the beauty of sport and student athletes, and how you are part of this university and not just paid an unpaid labor. If you aren't also matching that with with a sense of protection and safety in them being the number one priority. I don't know how I feel about him at the professional level. Most of me says he doesn't deserve a job in coaching anywhere ever. And he needs to do a job where you know, people's that the good of people doesn't depend on him in any way possible. Does it do you think it would matter to you? If he came out and said something. You know, I don't have. I don't really have an opinion on whether he you know, if offered this job or if he should be offered this job. But I do think it wouldn't you know, it would matter to me. Honestly, I mean, that's one thing I've thought after after writing the book after asking multiple times to talk to him. I mean, I actually do think about this quite a bit. And I think, you know, I it would matter so much to me because I wanted for so long to know what he would say like there is the civic things I would ask and there are specific text messages. I would ask him to respond to the one that there's one thing. I would I wanted to ask him forever, which is right before. Kevin Elliot went to trial to remind everyone seven Elliott was the former player who would end up being convicted of sexual assault after five separate women accused. Maybe they're either raping them or trying to assault them right before Kevin Elliott's trial. Kevin Tex Briley and asked him if he would. Testify on his behalf now that never happened. But Brown's response as a text we need to get your name cleared always all in with my players. And I want to ask like, you know, why you you knew at this at this point what he'd been accused of you knew you know, what what was going on. You know, what were you thinking? And now all these years out like, you know, how how how do how do we know that you wouldn't make that decision? Again. How do we know that that your response today would be different? That's what I think we need to hear an I honestly that that would matter to me answer your question. It really would you can read her award winning book violated written with her partner. Mark slave not life partner work partner. You could find it on Amazon and wherever books are sold. Thanks so much for making time, Paul. Appreciate it. Thank you OT. Al's Paula LeVine.

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