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Strong durability over a long period of time And you're exactly right Your body tends to have two response at least her responses There's one There's the antibody response which think of it as the first line of defense that your body musters to take on this kind of a virus And then you have what's called T cell and B cell which are the longer term That's what really gives your body the memories that it can respond many years later that you see with other vaccines And some of the data that we've been able to pull together thus far does reflect that we have a very strong T cell and B cell response and we're studying that right now to say exactly how does that manifest itself in terms of durability and patency over time Because one thing we know for sure that this virus isn't going to go away tomorrow So it's not only important that you have a strong response immediately but that four 6 8 12 months later particularly in some of these other areas around the world with the logistics of getting multiple doses is going to be really challenged Those of us in the United States sometimes focus on the United States And of course this is a global pandemic It's not the United States Give us a sense of the Johnson Johnson role in fighting the pandemic in the rest of the world What is your position as opposed to the vaccines in for example sub Saharan Africa Well as I said earlier we knew from the very beginning that we were not going to truly have an impact with our vaccine on this pandemic unless we took a global approach So whether we looked at the way that we try to design it the way that we tested it on a very global level even the way that we're manufacturing Right now we have about ten different locations Not only here in the United States but in South Africa and India in Europe And in the overwhelming majority of our vaccines up to this point in time have really been used in the developing part of the world So we are very committed to making that possible And I think certainly something that we've learned over the last few weeks with amaran is that unless we can get people around the world vaccinated unfortunately this virus can continue to mutate and continue to adapt itself and present a danger for the rest of the world So you just made an interesting point I'm not sure I was aware of If you take the total number of doses that have been administered thus far ojas and Johnson and the United States versus.

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