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Huge infrastructure of wi fi internet needs that people can log into so just kind of maintaining all those infrastructure needs but yeah they must on the one the big misconceptions that there's just a are in vr type were going on mixed reality and that's kind of where art is going but i think there's a lot of other things that go to kind of keep their ship running so so basically when people think about displays they just think about that they don't think about other things that technology might enhance in terms of an art museum exhibit exactly yes what about the audio guide i mean a lot of people like the most overt thing people think about when they go to an art museum and technology and it's evolved over the years it has and i think that's one of the biggest kind of contested or discussed topics if you go to any of these museum conferences you you'll hear just different viewpoint so here every museum around the world trying different things out everything from the old here's a number on the wall and you dial that number and get more information about it to augmented reality where you have a phone and you point your camera to the work of art and will then show additional information on the painting bubby arrows pointing to maybe where the artists painted over a may show like an xray of something on the backside on things like that are really neat and so yes it's of constantly evolving but there's always the discussion because a lot of those a our apps they require a app to download and that requires a conversion so you have to get some money museum gotta get them to download this app then you gotta get them to bring up this work of art and so that's a little bit a tricky thing to balance i guess where is sam right now on that spectrum of the from the old style to the sort of cutting edge i i wouldn't even frame it as old style so we kind of do everything we do both and we find that you know the dial the number part works really well keep it simple why over engineer you know y you know the whole astronaut pen versus a pencil if the pencils working fine now let's just keep going with it but we also work with third parties there's this.

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