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To you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee on Lee at Mattress warehouse sleep happens. Com 41 Now on double D T O P. Frustrations are high region wide as people try to sign up for a covert vaccination. They're told they might have to wait for weeks, maybe months. Well today, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam acknowledge the raw feeling. Everyone wants to get their shot now and I get that. And with that governor Northam laid out the ways Virginia is moving ahead after the initial cove in 19 vaccine rollout what to expect a single statewide system. With a phone number and a Web site where every Virginian Congar Oh, and have their information go to the right place. The governor calls it a priority and says it'll be ready soon. Virginia is also introducing a new dashboard to keep track of vaccines. North, UM also says statewide social distancing restrictions due to expire this week will be extended. Until the end of February, explaining this is no time to let down our guard Matt Small w T O P. NEWS. It's 5 43, now to Maryland, where Montgomery County leaders are working to clarify who can get their vaccinations and where Montgomery County Health Officer Dr Travis Gales on how the health Department is organizing covert 19 vaccinations. The county apparatus is prioritizing one A and individuals in one B, who are over the age of 75. At the same time, hospitals air working with the county and some are offering vaccinations to people in Category one See, which includes those older than 65. A number of them have stood up clinics starting this week and one is in the works. But officials are asking that if you do get an appointment at one hospital or clinic Don't register for an appointment at others that's been gumming up the process and bumping other people from getting a spot. Kate Brian W..

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