Laura Laura Powell, Laura Bomber, David Lynch discussed on The Basketball Analogy - The Friday Mailbag: So High, Not So Low: 5/26/17


You're gonna will and grace the that was the does a joke about the movie pug fairly no and listen to that guy guy it against up i was i was actually there for the movie panumblayan zack um so how ma if the dr if it does strange it takes place and super duper slowmotion the character it is still a what's his name com o'clock i'm not sure i'm i might be getting mixed up x files the but it's some it's so bizarre it's creepy will give you bad dreams the original like the the original was scary i remember well i guess i guess there following through on it so i'm not quite i mean i watch maybe two and a half episodes like literally a remake like is this the girl shows the new the pond or whatever the the original shows the characters name laura laura powell more laura bomber in the member they wacky dead with his hair turns wait the over the in the original now i i don't at barely remember the original i'd have to go back and find the shows third the roads here's letter read curtains via blow is this x files are twin peaks print pig piece it's very stanley kubrick key is it death david lynch high hassle your is the david lynch working on this one he's actually even in it he's in it and they're thing heath directing all of them hand across thank somebody.

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