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What was that? Maybe spark, or what kind of got you that initial idea that got you writing this book. Where I think part of it was having a lifetime of reading and watching stuff about which is so that's always sort of maybe percolating, a conscious, but I would just one day mighty my own business. And all of a sudden I had this character, my head, and she was working on the touristy magic, Sean Bensalem and was just irritated about the whole thing because she was real, which, and that was kinda the seed of who is this person? And what is her story, and it kind of snowballed from there until you're much in that? You always, you know, grownup sort of watching, and, you know, experience different medias. It had to do with witches. So what may have been some of those that may have in direct or indirect way influenced this book? Many. I definitely I think the Tiernan book first week, he reads when I was a kid. I think that just really solidified like the love, which is the magic system. Isn't it all the same? But I think what if I became that in Harry Potter, there was no no going back. I was going to be anywhere. Just forever. I think I would have the Laskar vendor also played a big role really got me into the elemental magic, which pinks makes up part of the book goes, it'd be the main ones. I did. I read this any kind of which book and I read twitches when that was for coming out, and those were scholastic like books are books. I remember getting those out anything 'cause I would read. So you mentioned an if I think I'm counting. This is was is your fourth attempt at at a book to get published, or at least complete. So when you look at this one and you compare it to the other three what kind of stands out that this one is the one that ended up kind of coming together and, and working, we'll say. Listening for book that I had written very and I think the thing that made it different when ended up being the one, I think, with the most heart in the most authenticity. And I think part of that was as I was writing all these books, I kept writing books with more and more, your characters in them, and not really knowing one, I and then Louis book, finally, after I'd written the first draft the light bulb went up, and I was like, oh, I live living. That's why I keep reading these books. And so once I had come out and was experiencing life. And I bet my wife, Michelle mauve and, you know, experience lives, as somebody who is longer street changed a lot about what I knew about these characters. And I think infusing that into the book made it much more like authentic and real and also just every books I tried to level up my skills, as far as characterization. Apply. And I think it was the combination of, you know, kind of like getting getting to that point as a writer, where I was reading and all of us feels I need interests, but also has the heart that needed to go on it, too. And. Taking a step back. Was it always sort of when you initially kind of set off to right? Did you always sort of having in mind that you would be writing within the why a space or did it kind of come that, as you were writing the type of stories that you were ended up kind of gravitating towards on the page would end up in just happened to fit back into why? Or was it purposeful that you were writing why? Yeah. It was it was always intentional that I was writing. Why novels only from the first one those are always the books that I loved the most. And I never really because I stopped reading more or less when I meant to Paula JR. And then when I came back to reading, and it was back to why. And I haven't really got too much into it. Delta. Who's always meant to be right from the beginning. And so what through all this, what is your reading life like now as a writer, is it something where you really try to kind of get immersed in other fantasy type stories and just wanna kinda soak in? Maybe what other people are doing their do you try to maybe avoid that? So as not to get to impressionable and you know, fearful that you might end up borrowing too much from someone. Actively drafting in new project, typically, don't read much during that like six to eight week period. Smokey just don't have time because I tried to write as much as I you know, right in the morning, and I go to work come home owner. And there's what time to read so much, so during them, they usually and more going to be doing like industry type pud tax and stuff. But when I'm actually drafting I try to read, I'm trying to read more broadly, in general, but I try to read as many different genres. You know, to top of the fantasy. So I kinda know what's happening in my sphere. But I also branch out to, you know, contemporary around palm and thrillers and try to get his wine of abreast of different genres, mostly within why that just kinda my happy place, though. I am trying to relive it more adult stuff just to, you know, learn from other authors and see what they're doing, but I don't actively ever like a voice something or. I was trying to read broadly. And they thought you to in terms of the authors that I'm reading trying to make sure I mean here, even different voices that I have heard. And as you've been reading widely I'm wondering is there a book that maybe really surprised you as far as you know, because it's not necessarily, maybe a John RIA, or a topic that you would typically, you know read on your own, but Reno really just kind of grabbed you in surprised you with the story and the writing? Yeah. I think probably your three that immediately come to mind. I, I just read this weekend, I red white and Royal blue, which is an ill. Don't wrong calm. And it was so good. I can't even speak intelligently about it yet because it was so good. We're just a characterization was, so deep and the tone and the voice is just so like snappy, and funny to that one I normally don't go for the you don't stuff. But it was amazing. And then that one, I think Casey, Kristen, I think, is the author of that one. And then actually devoiding from was, like, I don't wanna read that it's not really my thing. I don't wanna read that and the girls from everywhere they hide you highlight. I kept putting on my I don't know if I like time travel, I'm sure him like this and turn tastic in totally on my mind. And I was mad that I should. Sooner 'cause it was so good. And then the other one I just read recently with the called once and future, which is the like gender Benz King Arthur in space, so good. Muslim that really like a stays person typically, but it was based was magic. And you know there's a ton of your character. So I was having to give it a try. And again, it was so good. It was so tightly plotted. So those are ones that I probably wouldn't normally pick up but I just loved. And then when you kind of look over the years that you've been writing, you know, actively in kind of purposefully. What do you think maybe is the biggest kind of lesson? You've learned through the whole process. Good question. I think the biggest thing that I've learned or that I'm trying to learn is your patient, and let him books, take the time they need to take. So with my sequel that's supposed to me now in twenty twenty. Was super disaster to write had to write it from scratch board time. And I think a lot of that was because I kept saying, like, well, I don't really know strike to be that was gonna write it figure it out and pushed through and gotta hit my deadlines when they're just get it done. And I think doing that as taught me, you know, you need to allow yourself time to figure out what the story is you can't just force yourself. Look out the words down, and I'm gonna keep going forward when the word part golden right direction. So I think patience has been the thing that I have learned that him continuing to learn. Right. So let's we're gonna wind down. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions as we do the first one being what is your favorite movie, that's based on a book? Probably the Harry Potter movie. So they're always feel good like going back to those. Okay. But when everybody answers that I always make them, choose, which one maybe all of them is your favorite. That's really hard. Probably prisoner of asking, and I think that's the one where her mind it gets the punch Malfoy the say, so we'll go with that. And then my second, not Harry Potter, one, I think, by more recent one would be left Simon love that movie an episode. Great. Next question is there a book or a series that you're willing to admit you've either never read or never finished? I not finished the rainbows series that one. I started it. And then I just fell off. Good. And then finally, what is the last great book that you've read? I'm going to stay the red white and Royal blue again, I am obsessed with that book. I read it in twenty four hours a guy stayed up late. Got up early. Read it for like six hours about eating taking a lunch break. It was so good, and like most books that kind of like gets into your soul. Mate sucks. All the right heartstrings, and I mean new very happy. Willows. Well, the book is these, which is don't burn and I wish you and the book all the best. Thank you. And that wraps up this episode and I wanna thank Isabel sterling for joining me, again, her book, these witches don't burn is out now. I hope you enjoy that. Summertime is upon us. So if you're looking for books to devour this season, go through the archives, checkout, some of my other conversations with why writers to give you some of those ideas. I'm Brooke Shelley at until next time keep reading..

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