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The next steps be thank you here in prison police investigating friday's attempted bomb attack on a london underground train have arrested a man suspected of planting the device the bomb failed fully to detonate but nearly thirty people were treated for flash burns at the scene as part of the investigation police of also raided a house in a suburb southwest of london and cordoned off the surrounding area speaking at a news conference the metropolitan police's deputy assistant commissioner neil bessho set enhanced security levels would continue in the wake of the attack the threat level remains a critical for the time being but is under constant review military personnel have been drafted in to protect our national infrastructure sites and that's allowed us to put additional armed replace offices out rather carry out patrols and protect republic communities across the uk will continue to say more offices barth armed and unarmed on patrol by foot and in vehicles are the remainder of we care and in particular i will be patrolling a crowded prices icon excites transport hubs and poor i'll korrespondent andy moore is in sunburyuponthames where that house raid took place what's the latest you can tell us andy yes good morning poll well when that to a raid happened yesterday people were evacuated from their homes nearby and they were out of their homes for several hours but they were allowed back in last night however the police cordons remain in place overnight police have actually erected barriers near the house to obscure the view of what's going on there they've also erected a forensics 10 outsider a very distinctive lilac colored house and this is where we believe the eighteen year old man who was arrested lived and he lived there with his foster parents a couple called ron and penny jones ron's a he eight pennies seventy one and there are a couple who are well known in the area for a fostering children more than two hundred children and lately there had also been fostering refugee children are they actually awarded the mbe in two thousand and tang by the queen for their services to joe and so this is the house where the police searches concentrating at the moment it's it's where the man that police believe ponted the ball where he lived so the question then arises at did he make.

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