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At people with health insurance and people without health insurance. What type of difficulty they fall into when they're trying to get lapsed done because i've heard people say my doctor says i shouldn't even get this done or he thinks it's useless et cetera so what are some pitfalls for people who are trying to do this just with their doctor. So if you're trying to use your regular doctor to get good lab workup. There's different levels of evidence for we'll be called screening labs and Each society in general has its own recommendations so family doctors will have a recommendation. The urologists will ever recommendation which may or may not be congruent. They all come together. And there's something called the us. The united states preventive task course which is a conglomeration of many different specialties and also brilliant statisticians. So they're making screening recommendations from a population based standpoint so it's not really an individual base standpoint so they taken to account the Number needed to treat so if you screen someone for Let's say thyroid dysfunction. How many people benefit from that and then how many people are harmed because you screen for things. Like i roy dysfunction or prostate cancer. Then you get false positives as well So the difficulty and that is when those societies release the recommendations insurance company will choose usually based on those whether they covered the test or not. Cover the test. For example this summer the screening recommendations for most people for colon cancer which is The highest level of it in either a fit test or colonoscopy changed from fifty to forty five and most insurance companies are changing their coverage and they will pay for people aged forty five to fifty in general or colon cancer screening in the case of something like insulin resistance Let's say that you see that Somebody does have some insulin. Resistance on their labs Insulin resistance Maybe for.

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