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What i'm saying. We went through a period of feeling. Like where are we but here we are and we are saying that. We hope you have a wonderful kink month. And checkout the throwback kink month to the arts of fem dom politics and pain check it out and check out all our offerings websites. And if you need to talk. We're not government-subsidized. Unfortunately but you can give us a call two one three two nine one nine four nine seven and whatever you. Do you know whether you look at a little porn whether you do some yoga. Whether you get into some kink with your kink tober comrade whether you protest injustice out there somewhere whether you fly the magic carpet of your mattress into your imagination. Which hopefully will not be censored by the arcadia zoning polit bureau or the read it pilot bureau they all got politburo's you know what we keep trying to get away from communism it's all polit bureaus everywhere all the bad parts of communism and none of the good parts the good parts being free healthcare free taking care of elderly people and free taking care of your kids all that stuff. That's the good stuff that's what we need anyway. Be good regardless whatever kind of society you live in and it probably isn't ideal because the ideal is the enemy of the real captain. Mack said that but hope you're happy ye be happy and try not to hurt anyone. Don't be sexual in cell including yourself. Be good to yourself make like bonobos not baboots make love not war make love to someone you love tonight even if that someone is you i.

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