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People here are getting their cash back master discover cash back match what are you waiting for learn more at discover dot com slash cash back match they travel week of course it looks locally as though the weather forecast is going to be cooperative the forecast is powered by don't could you can get holiday in the Duncan you know with two dollar medium lactation cappuccinos and americanos to enjoy between two and six PM and here is the storm team ten mineralogist Christina earning a quiet stretch in week begins today with mostly clear skies and temperatures heading up to near fifty degrees lots of sun continues through Tuesday with mostly clear skies and highs in the low forties partly cloudy on Wednesday in the low forties again I'm starting ten meteorologist Christina Ernie on newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven FM thirty one degrees coming up next apparently dredging the river the Providence rivers being pushed back and we have the reason why next it's six eleven cal down to avoid season is on the biggest names in music are getting ready for one night our twenty twenty I heart radio music awards the Friday night it tore him in Los Angeles on March twenty nine you can watch live on five with some of your favorite radio station in here the nominees are unveiled on January twenty twenty I heard radio music awards do you think of Bill tells the team to just show up on game day and we'll figure out what place we're gonna run then not a chance a successful football team works on their game plan practice after practice after practice so.

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