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Was. It was fine. The build from Tyler. And Amy was interesting because it was like okay so we're going to be inspired by COPS fire and health which. I thought was very Sim city was like okay. You have to build the police station. The fire station the hospital and even the building kind of looked very sim city as kind of the arcologies or something like that. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Low like round bed on top like way far along. Yeah Yeah and they were smart to use a technique to support it from the middle out. They have you know kind of that central structure that held it all together. They did a good job with that. I think look at look at them and then I think also just want to touch on Erin and Christians. Which was that fourteen story builds which was really cool and the smoke monster attacking. I thought that was neat. And the working elevator was a great name. Because it made me think of like the Godzilla Mothra which actually kind of fits with Richard and Flynn the giant spider. Yeah I love their giant spider with all the little is Corinne. Yeah that was cool and then I thought Mellon Germain actually had a really cool concepts for their buildings. I know that one of them. I think it was Jamie was like oh. This building is distracting. It's like okay like rude but they look like Lego pieces. That's cool so right now I really. I loved their giant Lego building and then the circular I think that was the top of a circular like the basement circular with alternating Brick colors yeah. They did really creative but I do agree with the criticism because they you know the judges in this episode is the first time you saw the judges kind of given guidance early on in the episode which was cool because that has been kind of a criticism. We talked about that before. Not being able to showcase that side of it but that was one of the criticisms gave them was. Don't have this glass building with nothing going on and that was something that Aaron Christian definitely did better as far as having little scenes in each floor and showing what was going on I wonder if he editors they're listening. I mean I'm it's a criticism it's not just. The community was pretty vocal about disliking. That part of the show and so. I think the editor is if they can. I know that you know the these episodes are in the CAN PROB- probably way before. But if they can sort of make some adjustments because I did not dislike the judges as much actually amy. I'm really starting to like. Maybe it was because she teared up when eliminating Avian Crystal this week which I thought was really adorable. Yeah I did too because we have our bottom thi this week. Our Mellon Germain and aiming crystal and amy And crisslow got sent home. Did you think that that was fair? Yeah I did unfortunately agree with it because I really enjoyed watching them and their their buildings were awesome. The use of color that they did with the black kind of neon colors was super cyberpunk. You know to me and I thought they did a really great job until having to try and pull together the story after the twist so you know I do. Militiaman's buildings are really cool to in their giant snowman. They did a little bit better. I think in their storyline on there so unfortunately I agree with that. Didn't necessarily get that. It was a winter complex but I was much more confused by Amy Crystals story which I am using my hands as air quotes because I I didn't get it and the fact they had to explain. I think that that's been a weakness that they've had this entire time so I was sad to see them go but I thought that it was a fair assessment from the judges agree with that and then we had Aaron Christian and Mark and Boone as our top. Two with mark in Boone ultimately winning. Which Mark Boone win three challenges in a row so they one episode four and then they won five and six. Which is I know are easy but deserve to. I mean they were the teams after. We did the first first episode. You know that were like these guys are going to be good. They're gonNA the top and they've definitely shown through as being really strong builders they also have the story to element so yeah storytelling all have story these story fairytale like my brain is mush without with hotdogs. Armies right actually like. That's the sort of story that like you and I would come up with. Oh weirdness believe me. I was living for the mad libs and the kids all excited about all right well before we get there. Let's talk about episode six. Which is the need for? Speed Super Bridges Challenge which in retrospect does speed versus strength. Got It I know. I was Kinda hoping that they would have to raise their cars like across the bridge but obviously Oh. That would've been cool. At least I it together a little bit instead of I mean so they use the racers obviously for a reason but yeah I think it would have been neat to have some time together somehow. Well we have. I guess what I would describe as are many challenge of the week which was the Pinewood Derby inspired car racing challenge in which we have all the teams building. The LEGO Pinewood Derby car feels to Pinewood Derby car because Pinewood Derby like this zero Pinewood Derby. Yeah and it's Kinda cool. I was excited with other previews for this. Because the little the LEGO convention I went to in Denver a few years ago. That was one of the activities. You can do so they had these bins and you went in and you built your own. Little car. You had a time limit to build it in fifteen minutes or something and then you raced against other people in line with you. It was really fun. Oh that's really cool okay. This is something that seems common. Then I guess maybe more common well. Mark Boone are added again. We the green machine lime time launch. Did they win? Yeah right okay. Crap I know Richard and Flynn came.

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