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Planted on. Jeremy planted his bag like instead of the bullhorn like over the wall. Like scalise like throwing. We'd benz hoping scare chairman like cracks. The scent like tomorrow. If i could go to hawaii and i wouldn't even go to hawaii for my own enjoyment. I wouldn't go on a vacation. If i could go to hawaii right now just to physically remove jeremy from the villa and then come right back to canada. I would do it. I would do all pay for it. I would do the travel. Don't care what it takes. I'll i looked at throw you also news and music festivals there all bottle like the artists. And it's really not cool but it's a thing that happens. I'm going to throw a bottle at gerry interesting. It's it's really interesting. That corey has become sort of like america's favorite and that. Jeremy keeps being his. Like jeremy on his own is trash like he's boring. He's one of the most boring people i've ever seen ever and keeps saying he's a tarzan type. I guess that just means like gross. I don't know like. I don't know that that's a compliment. He has a long bob on greasy hair. Like you're at least. Tarzan was raised in the jungle and didn't have access to a shower. Like i don't understand why jeremy is getting away with this look. But he's now like becoming the foil to one of america's favorite contestants in the house so it's our islanders. Excuse me so. It's just like such a bad look for him. Does he not realize i feel like we're getting a lot of like i'm the uk version. We get a lot of like people love you like. You're doing great. I've been watching on the outside and you're so we're not getting a lot of like the perception of america like being told to them but germany has to pick up like corey got those three dates like one hundred years ago now like i gotta stop going toe to toe with them because he only wants out of this is like more personal training followers. Modeling jobs right. I have to assume it's not love that he's looking for especially with about a week left in the villa lake. Where is the challenge where we read tweets and like news articles at them like tell people hate them. I want them to know and like give us like some entertainment for the last week. That you're there us one of my tweets please. I want them to know. It was me also know. Jeremy focuses on one woman at a time. Guys okay. he doesn't You know tell that. When he said that tonight i fell over. I was like okay like loretta train. Uh what's his like. Lean list immi jenny who he like. Not letting you talk about last week's episode apparently but like the fraudulent the fraud. That was coming out that that's not a word but we need a new words for the level of fraud. Jeremy was having pretending to be couple of coupled with an interested in jenny truly and the way that he just left her crying alone to go talk to the boys about how keys in such a tough spot. now i hate him so much. I wish that he would shut up forever. I don't like him to leave. And they're like well you ever relationship with her and she's like no i don't he doesn't care at all and the thing is i. Don't think that he will care. He's not gonna find someone in this last week. You could be there for three more months. He wouldn't find someone. Jeremy doesn't care he doesn't have to be coupled up on the show. I don't think he would be. He just wants to hang out he just wants to be on. Tv okay so then like literally the next morning. Johnny shannon like make amends engineers like. Oh it's just such an impulse to say that. I shouldn't have said it have a backbone johnny for a minute. She had a point like i. Just don't right. I don't get josh's criticism of like they're so raunch again. We didn't see enough. And i didn't watch last monday's so great so i maybe much more at all no. So what is the raunchy nece. I thought the criticism was the social media. I don't understand the raunchy. But also like i would to your point. Kirsten like jenny backs down immediately. So it's like i'm not. I'm not about to defend her if she's not willing to defend ourselves i can't imagine how raunchy a twenty two year old would have to get before. I'm like shocked and appalled josh married man. Now josh man so like you know. The difference is he's respectable menasheh had sex with a girlfriend and then left her in bed to go have sex with her best friend and that was used in a game on this season and then he is saying that somebody else's too raunchy you are on love island sir intimate stuff. He doesn't bed. I know i know i shouldn't do it. I shouldn't talk about it by the intimate stuff. We do in bed. How dare you bring up. The intimate stuff She was not even the least bit indirect. She was like you have sex with him in bed are are you alluding to the intimate time. We spend no not alluding to is set it directly. And that's what she needed to do. Like i feel like ache. If johnny has been like yes i am because you guys are being hypocrites right now then then we really could have seen some lights. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen.

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