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Emily's the democrats forced that law upon our nation i hate it but there is no such law which didn't stop the president from repeating his assertion half a dozen times it's a complete false attack democrats said what the president should change is a zero tolerance policy announced on may seventh by his own attorney general senator mark he calls the policy barbaric senator markey spoke at the jfk federal building and said attorney general jeff sessions saying bowing government as a reason for this immigration practice is actually barbaric these families are fleeing poverty injustice civil war they're coming here because they're desperate for their children to be safe to be protected what the trump administration is doing is adding an additional terror on top of the terror which they are fleeing in boston karyn regal wbz newsradio ten thirty the white house's walking back the president's comment earlier in the day saying he would not sign a moderate immigration bill now in the house now saying he would sign either of the two bills that republicans are working on the moderate bill would mandate children would not be separated from families entering the us illegally bail for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort revoked he's now in a virginia jail this amid witness tampering charges named freeman being held without bail tonight following his court appearance on charges including attempted murder newburyport police say robert gerard left anna jake's hospital naked broke into a nearby home and attacked a resident with a hammer gerard due back in court next week the globe suspends columnists kevin cullen without pay for three months citing significant problems with remarks he made following the boston marathon bombings when he returns to the paper cullen will be a general assignment reporter for a couple of months before returning to writing columns union representing globe workers plans to fight the suspension leftover munitions are causing quite a stir in hanover as wbz's kim tunnicliffe tells us a popular fishing spot at the site of an old fireworks factory now closed off hanover officials think there may be unexploded fireworks in the water at factory pond so the pond is now off limits to everyone they already closed off all walking trails around the pond that whole area sits on the site of the former national fireworks company which closed forty years ago but the factory left behind a number of unexploded munitions crews have been detonating the explosives as.

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