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And granted. I will agree that this is the optimal scenario for NASCAR, because if one of their own because it could have only been one of their own, and you and you. It. Would have been somebody most likely in that parade yesterday. Right and that would have been the ultimate disaster for NASCAR and now you're going to have people standing on the top rope saying. Oh, he's A. He's a fraud. This is left. This is a left liberal. Fake News and it's like no. No I. If if there's smoke, there's usually fire, and it's a good thing that this time that there was no fire and the other thing. Is this like I watching that event yesterday? When they pushed Bubbas car and everybody was walking beside him. It was a great emotional event you saw he was crying after understandably I mean that's a really emotionally. However. It's also a bit awkward for Bubba. Like because when you're singled out like that, even in something positive and it was great again. It was very good nothing negative about it. But it still is awkward because you don't want to be viewed as a charity case. You know you don't WanNa? Be since I've been the only black guy around a bunch of white people. And you don't WanNa. Be viewed as the Black Guy. You know what I mean singled out as the Black Guy. You're proud to be black and all that. But YOU WANNA. Be Accepting. Yeah, you don't want to be. Like. Right, and then it could've easily been taken that way yesterday with Bubba and I thought he handled it well and. So I you know with class and with grace, and you know he, he went to the black fans in the in the grandstand, and saluted them, and so I thought he handled it well, but nobody would. George WanNa put as great as it was. That's not necessarily a situation you want to put yourself in. Your everybody's celebrating you because you won the race, or because you would have driver two year something like that, but just because you're black. No. That's not really what anybody wants so. No Way and and I actually thought it was significant. Chris BEC-..

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