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Dot Iraq, Social Media, Carl Franklin discussed on .NET Rocks! - Many Kinds of Messaging with Clemens Vasters


Looking forward to more shows on iot messaging as the space evolves at a very nice thank you marketed carrying kind words got to save directly to clements and we're pretty excited battles to what we were just when we did our talk this week about the development landscape we kind of said less about iot than we normally do two points ways i i feel like we're currently in the new nyathi's no longer new and shiny it is work you have to do yeah we're doing the work and does not a lot of sexy going on it's just doing work yes and and i i like that that's shows evolution in a maturing of a marketplace so mark thank you so much for your commented on that rock smug is on its way to unify you'd like a dot at roc smug run a common other website at dot iraq's dot com or any of our social media because we will be chevry show to facebook and luca plus and become a daring raid on the show we'll send you mud and definitely follow us on twitter he's at rich campbell i'm at carl franklin send us a tweet we calibrate them for maximum superiority i thought it was a minimal emissions but okay to calibrate them wrong to formally introduce clements clemens vaster is is a product architect for the azure messaging platform which includes service bus in the cloud as well as azure event hubs he and his team also created azure event grid which we just talked to dan about azure notification hubs and azure iot hub those are now with dedicated teams within microsoft he's participating in several standardisation efforts including guiding microsoft's messaging gauge meant strategy in a waste this great banned by the way and he is a member of the opec you a working group and the opc foundations technical advisory council welcome back hello carl a hello richer dude that's a lot of hubs.

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