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This is not where you want to be this podcast. If anything might might kill three point seven brain cells while you listen to it maybe probably not. I don't know I'm not really a science guy I haven't I haven't look it up. I'm I haven't done the research. One thing I can guarantee you is that this episode will incite some type of emotion. An out of you whether it's happiness joy excitement sadness anger rage or just plain lean old indifference. I don't know I have no plan. I have no agenda. I'm not trying to bring anything out of you. I'm really doing nothing more than just sitting in my car and rambling and rambling and rambling. I don't have a lot of talent folks. I'm not a talented person. I don't have something that I can go to that I could bring out at a moment's notice to entertain everybody around me. I'm not that person all I can do is what I'm doing right now. That's it that's all I got. I think what I'm trying to say. Folks this is that Stephen or else the podcast you're listening to is probably one of the more pointless bits of fluff on the Internet. And and frankly if you're still with me after all of that then you might as well stick around for.

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